Expansion Announcement Soon! Delve Supporter Packs Ending

Expansion Announcement Soon! Delve Supporter Packs Ending

14.12.2018 10:08

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At noon on Tuesday November 13th (PST), we'll be announcing the whole details in our 3.5.0 expansion. The announcement may also include our intentions with the future of Delve. If you need to be around right for the time on the announcement, here is a countdown you may watch.

This shows that there's lower than 24 hours remaining to obtain your Delve Supporter Packs before they leave the shop forever.

There are two pairs on the Delve Supporter Packs available within the POE Currency store, the Stalker as well as the Forge. Each with the two pairs has different contents, so that you can choose whichever one (or both) you want. You can upgrade in the smaller one inside a pair to your larger one. All the microtransactions in the Supporter Packs are exclusive and may never appear from the store.

If you have in mind getting one with the Delve Supporter Packs but you are sure you can actually get one out of time, we'd recommend creating payment plan which may reserve a pack available for you for as much as three months following the commencement of your respective plan.

Our payment plans are completely flexible because you can pay just as much and as frequently since you'd like - just email us ahead of time at support@grindinggear.com, we'll be able to arrange the plan available for you!

Additionally, if you could have purchased any plain points packs since August 9th (PST) you may use this inside an upgrade to one in the Delve Supporter Packs! You can credit approximately 80% from the value of the desired supporter pack towards an upgrade. For example, when you purchased a $10 point pack you may then upgrade on the Stalker or Forge Supporter Pack for $20. You'd then have the remainder in the contents with the pack, excluding the points you already purchased prior to a upgrade.

The Delve Supporter Packs within the Xbox One version are going to be replaced together with the new ones shortly following your announcement with the new expansion as well as its challenge league.

Thank you so much for ones continued support! Now more ways to buy bargain POE Orbs, as an example, visit official MMOAH site.

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