MapleStory DS Lives, Launching With DSi In Korea

MapleStory DS Lives, Launching With DSi In Korea

26.01.2019 06:29

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Nexon announced MapleStory DS ages ago. It’s finally in the near future and scheduled to file for in Korea on April 15.

The handheld version of MapleStory stars four heroes: an archer, mage, thief, and warrior. Each character has their unique MapleStory M Mesos storyline. Unlike the PC game, MapleStory DS isn't an sport. It connects by it, type of, by including codes for exclusive virtual items.

Nintendo offers to promote MapleStory DS heavily since it’s acting to be a launch game to the Nintendo DSi in South Korea. A unique bundle using a red DSi and MapleStory DS is going to be available for 237,000 won ($204). The game costs 39,000 won ($34).

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