LeBron James? Lakers are nevertheless Lonzo Ball’s team, LaVar says

LeBron James? Lakers are nevertheless Lonzo Ball’s team, LaVar says

31.01.2019 08:36

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Despite his mega signing, LeBron James won't alter the dynamic in the Lakers.
Or so LaVar Ball says.
During his recent appearance on Power 106 radio in Los Angeles, the outspoken father of Lakers NBA Live Mobile Coins guard Lonzo Ball said the c's still is a member of his son.
"How is it gonna be LeBron’s team? He ain’t homegrown,” LaVar said. "You say what you look for but we understand what it is... Lonzo didn’t check out Cleveland. LeBron came over here. We already over here."
Think that's crazy? LaVar's next comment was all the more bizarre.
"He can't learn nothing from Lonzo, and Lonzo can't learn nothing from him," LaVar said. "What they gotta do is win together. They both know the way to win, so that is the main thing."
LaVar said he hasn't spoken to James since he moved to L.A. but expects to operate into him in the first game in the season.
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