The current alliance ends with Path of Exile, the player: "It is finally over"

The current alliance ends with Path of Exile, the player: "It is finally over"

05.06.2019 07:27

The current alliance ends with Path of Exile, the player: "It is finally over"

The current comprehensive alliance of Path of Exile is over. Players don't mourn her, she is considered to be the worst one so far.

What is this alliance? In the current integrated league, players encounter canvases and must find pieces of their lost memory. It's like a dungeon. You can build a connection with the challenge waiting for your space. If you master these, then you unlock a memory. But you have to take very fast action because these compounds will crash again.

How did the league arrive? The league is currently considered to be the worst in the community. Developers are also aware of this. The developers have explained that this time everything went very fast and there was not much time for extensive testing.

What is wrong with the league? The Alliance has many problems with some communities. These include:

Mechanism: The establishment of contacts and battles through dungeons will encounter balance problems. The connection speed is too fast, resulting in a lot of busy. In principle, you build a few hours of connections, and once you want to start, they mine very quickly and everything is lost.
Reward: The reward is not very good. Many people find these items useless, and there are too few really cool recipes. It's better to reward [URL=]POE Currency[/URL].
Boss: Bosses are rarely produced and cannot be compared with previous bosses. There are too few rewards and the battle seems to be boring.
Challenge: The challenge is not well thought out.

Some players think this is not important. The league has problems and there are better problems. But for some people, this is not completely bad.

Developers promise to improve: Chrin Wilson, founder of Grinding Gear Games, acknowledges these issues. He explained that the alliance did not meet the quality standards that his team envisioned for Path of Exile. That's why you want to spend more time on future content in order to do it better and test it thoroughly. The latest patch arrived recently has now removed POE Exalted Orb and POE PS4 Currency from games.

With the next league "Army", starting from June 7th, the plan "repeated fun". There are more updates in the plan. PoE fans are looking forward to a lot of teams. But to achieve this goal, developers need more time. Because Chris Wilson does not want to destroy his team through austerity.

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