"Rocket League" is exploring the nostalgic DLC of the 80s

"Rocket League" is exploring the nostalgic DLC of the 80s

06.06.2019 07:56

"Rocket League" is exploring the nostalgic DLC of the 80s

Rocket League fans, it's time to hit your pilot, grab a suspension board and inspire your favorite 80s playlist for a radical summer. Psyonix is ​​entering this decade's pop culture tent, which is the game's biggest event to date and continues throughout the summer.

A bunch of car bags will bring some of the most memorable vehicles of the 80s to the scene. You will be able to try the Ecto-1 goal of Ghostbusters or Knight Rider's KITT legend. The trailer also showed cars based on Voltron Legendary Defender and WWE, and DeLorean from Back to the Future, which actually arrived in the Rocket League in 2015.

You can snap up other Rocket League Items and pay tribute to Go Goiesies, Back to the Future, The Karate Kid and ET and more Ghostbusters. Some vehicles will pay for DLC, and you can get other vehicles for free. Once the event is over, you can spend another week exchanging the tapes you get when you play with ET wheels and Marty McFly Jr's hats.

The radical summer is divided into three weeks and three weeks. The first is a '80s blockbuster that will be held from June 10th to July 1st, during which you can play a Ghostbusters theme called Ghost Hunt. With the proton stream, you will try to control the ball and take it to the containment area of ​​another team. You need to stay there for two seconds to score. But don't cross the stream.

The following stages, '80s culture and 80's TV, have their own limited time mode. Spike Rush allows you to connect the ball to your car with Spike power up, while the Beach Ball mode will have a larger ball that reduces gravity and more curves. Psyonix said it also had some surprises, probably about Rocket League Keys and Rocket League Crates, and the patch that is now being rolled out will provide all the convenience for the start of the aggressive summer next week.

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