Path of Exile's massive melee update can solve the most critical problem in the game

Path of Exile's massive melee update can solve the most critical problem in the game

08.07.2019 07:24

Path of Exile's massive melee update can solve the most critical problem in the game

We can be a big fan of Path of Exile. It is an excellent action role-playing game and something of the most generous free games on the globe. However, I always see that combat does not affect as compared to its kind of stable opponent, especially at close range. It may change with Update 3.7, which updates the core animation system, adds more accurate hit detection, and enhances melee dizziness to create melee faster.

Baeclast and studio co-founder and technical director Jonathan Rogers detailed the alterations in a pleasant chat. With the godlike power from the command console, Rogers shows how future movements and attack animations cancel the other out.

It seems like a little detail. Nonetheless, it can have a significant effect on the game's perception of melee characters. Currently, once you activate a strike, the complete animation is broadcast from start to finish, and also you can't use POE Currency to buy weapon what to react to eradicate enemy attacks. It feels like developers must explore the POE code to regulate these essentials.

"For a while, I will state that from the beginning, the melee has not been as good as we hoped. I think many reasons are because we'd like a beautiful Rogers, the dynamic system on the game, the action system, the aiming system, And all these various things are at a minimal level.

Enemy animations and attacks can also be redesign for additional extended end actions. Ideally, it will give the player a hint to using defensive skills. New motor skills will probably add, and melee skills are going to rebalance for making the battle building more viable and fun.

If your weapon passes through them, the brand new animation system will likely hit multiple adjacent enemies, along with the goal must be more comfortable. The complete rebalancing looks like it's designed to help players grab some mysterious swords and turn into away through the powerful AoE remote version. It is a good move. Path of Exile comes with an extensive role-building system, and there's much work to do every season. Now is a fantastic time to take notice of the actual feelings with the game.

These changes are part of the Legion's renewal, which also allows you to transfer to your frozen battlefield. Hit the enemies you would like to thaw then press them into POE Chaos Orb. From the official trailer, this can be fun.

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