Why Final Fantasy XIV still has no new therapist level

Why Final Fantasy XIV still has no new therapist level

09.07.2019 08:14

Why Final Fantasy XIV still has no new therapist level

Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers have had great success at Square Enix, but Game Director Naoki Yoshida also took time out from the celebrations around the new expansion to explain why it was a disappointment for fans looking for new therapist level. The last time the latest therapist course introduces to Final Fantasy XIV was in the 2015 Heavensward expansion, which was the first expansion of the game after A Realm Reborn.

Since the fact that a therapist course introduction to the game for four years, only Shadowbringers has introduced the work of dancer to make people even more frustrated. People had hoped that the dancer's work could treat treatment as a significant mechanism because there was a precedent in franchising, but it was developed into a remote DPS job and also good at attacking single-target members. Another class introduced in Shadowbringers, Gunbreaker is tank work, many of which are already in Final Fantasy XIV.

In an interview with DualShockers, Naoki Yoshida, the director of the live-action Final Fantasy TV show, elaborated on why Final Fantasy XIV still has no new therapist courses, even though fans are always asking for one. Also if I spend more FFXIV Gil, I think players are willing. However, according to Yoshida, the Balance Therapist course spends more time than other work, making it a tricky addition to the new content: "Of course, for the therapist, yes, we do recognize balancing different jobs in this category. There are difficulties. It is the struggle to maintain different positions over the years...

It is a lengthy explanation about why it is so challenging to balance the therapist, but Yoshida has indeed determined why it is difficult to introduce the latest treatments into Final Fantasy XIV, as it is now difficult to obtain existing therapies. However, the results are very worrying because Shadowbringers has been dealing with large-scale droughts for therapists that can be used for final game content and leveling parties, as people are not motivated to play with them. With gorgeous new toys occupying every role, but only one therapist, only those crafts dedicated to them can make Shadowbringers move on.

In the interview, Yoshida also admitted that there might not be a perfect balance, indicating that there will be more adjustments and adjustments. Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers has radically changed the game's skill and ability layout, removing many staples directly from the job rotation. With this in mind, adjustments may take some time to reach their desired balance. In the meantime, I think players can buy Final Fantasy XIV Gil according to their needs so that they can achieve greater success in the game.

However, during this period, popularity seems to be the main factor in deciding whether to bring the new therapist course to Final Fantasy XIV. Given that the expansion work needs to be flashy and exciting, the therapist is expected to retreat to the second line, but given that Final Fantasy XIV has released a new job during the Blue Mage mid-term expansion cycle, maybe Yoshida and the team can find a way to travel to the world's largest Before the next adventure of one of the MMORPGs, do the same for the new therapist.

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