MapleStory M celebrates its first anniversary with summer updates and new phantom classes

MapleStory M celebrates its first anniversary with summer updates and new phantom classes

11.07.2019 07:42

MapleStory M celebrates its first anniversary with summer updates and new phantom classes

The leading mobile MMORPG, MapleStory M, sounded in its first-anniversary style, introducing the highly anticipated phantom heroes, as well as a range of events and new systems.

Players can now pre-register in the Phantom Pro pre-registration event until July 17th, by clicking on the Phantom icon in the game to get a special gift box, including unique weapon oilstone, unique armored stone, automatic combat Fees. These unique gifts are not available in the mall and are not available from Maplestory M Mesos.

Ghost as his primary weapon, Phantom is a master of thieves stealing characters in the thieves level. Skills, including Phantom Shroud, Phantom, and Steal Regression can help players plan strategic attacks. Moreover, Phantom's most special ability, judging, will cause fatal damage to the monster, triggering randomly stacked cards, allowing the player to gain additional attacks. Phantom characters between levels 3 and 100 can also upgrade for a total of 3 degrees per level through the Mega Burning event.

This update also includes implementing a wedding system that is suitable for mobile devices. Couples in the married game will receive rewards, including timeless wedding rings and party lovers, who will meet and present unique gifts during the anniversary milestone. Wedding guests can also participate in special party events to receive exclusive rewards.

Besides, players can now express themselves with the newly added Emo Wheel and experience a higher expedition mode to fight Chaos Horntail. Other features include the Rebirth Flame and Soul Weapon System, which are primarily to increase the bet of gameplay and provide players with more ways to deal with damage and upgrades.

To celebrate, players can participate in exciting in-game events, including the Maple Memory Leaf Gathering event, a unique achievement that supports Lucia's generous rewards, and a first special anniversary event. Get awards for particular injury skin and boss accessories — select box. Monster Park, an amusement park-themed event, will also open on July 25th, allowing players to visit Safari Express, a high EXP hunting area, and rest in Sauna to build a high EXP.

To learn more about MapleStory M, check out the Google Play or App Store page. To buy the cheap Maplestory Mobile Mesos, go to MMOAH homepage.

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