"Path of Exile" won't use a new engine in 4.0, but you'll find good reasons

"Path of Exile" won't use a new engine in 4.0, but you'll find good reasons

12.08.2019 07:41

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Path of Exile founder and developer Chris Wilson recently interviewed the neighborhood to meet the expectations of that much-anticipated new 4.0 engine next season. However, this may not be because you can find no major adjustments to the plan, plus the update are going to be introduced gradually.

Wilson said: "There is not any 'new engine' which is now transforming into a new engine inside a modular way in order that players could see the benefits immediately." He clarified to your community the process of refurbishing the engine has begun for a few years now. And will continue doing so. This also facilitates the application of the more standardized POE Currency amongst people.

The approach to continuous engine development is a way of gaining a lot of motivation in recent years, allowing game developers to explicitly introduce functionality based on the needs of the content while avoiding the frequent transitions that often occur with a huge engine update.

One such engine improvement that still leads in 2019 has made it a game failure due to frame extraction delays. Although the hitchhiking seems to be an improvement in the quality of life for some people, it far exceeds a game that supports a very active Hardcore community, and death is usually dictated by unusual moments.

There are still no other updates, although Wilson ridiculed the "many important changes" in his engine on the 2019 schedule. This is important because competitor Blizzard is stepping up its focus on the development of Diablo this year, and in 2020 there may be a darker, more serious Diablo IV. In short, players want to go deeper into the game. I think I need to buy POE Items and POE Trade. MMOAH is very welcome!

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