WOW CLASSIC: Night Elves

WOW CLASSIC: Night Elves

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WOW CLASSIC: Night Elves

The Night Elf is a race in the online game World of Warcraft. They are the first awakened race, they are respectable and just sense of justice, but they do not trust the "low-level races" in the world.

Ethnic overview
In World of Warcraft, the night elves who like to live in seclusion are the first awakened race. About 10,000 years ago, the story of World of Warcraft began to study magic and spread it throughout the world. The use of the night elves for the reckless use of magic eventually led the Burning Legion to the world and eventually led to a fierce battle between the two ancient races.

The night elves eventually drove the Burning Legion out of the world, but their homes were destroyed and sank into the sea. From then until the last few thousand years, the night elves have remained isolated from the world, and they are hiding on the top of their holy mountain: Mount Hyjal. The re-invasion of the Burning Legion broke the silence of the night elves.

They now realize the need to recast the world, and in order to continue to survive on the continent of Azeroth, they have for the first time formed alliances with other races. As a race, night elves are respectable and just sense of justice, but they do not trust the "low-level races" in the world. They are born with the characteristics of the night, and the power of those shadows often leads to their distrust of their mortal allies.
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Racial talent
Runaway (active skill) Instant - 2 minutes cooldown.
After the activation, break into the shadows and reduce the chance that the enemy will detect you. Continue until you cancel or move. After canceling this effect, your threat to any enemies still in combat will be restored.
Swift (passive skills) reduces your chances of melee and ranged attacks by 2% and your movements by 2%.
The spirit of the spirit (passive skill), after becoming a wizard, the movement speed is increased by 75%.
Natural resistance (passive skills), the natural damage taken is reduced by 1%.
Injury contact (passive skill), a 1% increase in speed at night. Crit increases by 1% during the day.

Regional overview
In the history of World of Warcraft, the 8 trees planted by the mother tree and the night elves have a total of 9 world trees. The most closely related to the history of the night elves are Nordrassil, Tedashir, and Vodaf in Northrend. Hill.
Tedashir is the second tree of the world of the night elves. Her sister, Noda Hill, was still recovering from the impact of the Burning Legion. She enjoyed her eternal summer on Tada Hill and was named after the island. The night elf's Darnassus city is located on the branches of Tedahill, protected by this magical tree and druids, free from outside threats.
In World of Warcraft, this is the starting point for the night elves race players.
It is an island on the northern coast of Kalimdor.
The ancient tree spirit on this island created a giant tree that hides the capital of Darnassus.
Description of the area: Teldashir is an island near the northern coast of Kalimdor, close to the Black Sea. It has only recently been promoted to the Shanghai by powerful Druids. When the Ashenvale purifies the devil's corruption, the Druids hope to use the island as a refuge in Caldore.
Geographical features: Teldrassil, warm and comfortable in all seasons due to the temper of magical power. The island is locked in the eternal dawn - this is the favorite environment for the night elves.
Aboriginal: In addition to a few forest animals that have been relocated from Ashenvale and Moonlight Woodland, the night elves are the main aborigines of Tedashir. The importance of WOW Classic Gold is self-evident for players. Clicking on to buy the currency will also give a small gift to the players.

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