WOW classic-Dwarf

WOW classic-Dwarf

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WOW classic-Dwarf

As a race in Western mythology, dwarves appear in multiple fantasy games at the same time, and many games have dwarfs. Most of them appear as player races, and their common characteristics are similar, such as stubbornness, strongness, good at architecture, smelting, like spirits, excellent forging and even mechanical techniques, and heavy weapons such as Tomahawk and Warhammer. The dwarf is used by many games because of its special status in myths and legends.

The old-fashioned dwarves living in the snow-capped Khaz Modan Mountains are an ancient race on the continent of Azeroth. The dwarves have always been loyal ally of humanity, and they are also a race that advocates fighting. Although in the past years, the dwarves rarely left their mountain fortress, Ironforge, but in the event of a war, they would fight for their friends and allies with unparalleled courage.

In the unearthed documents of the ancient dwarfs, it has been found that the dwarves have undergone tremendous changes since their appearance. According to these documents, the dwarves are races made of stone at the beginning of the creation of the Titans. They feel that the mission of their own ethnic group is to travel around the world to discover the remains of the Titans when they left. In the end, the Dwarf exploration team was sent to explore the world's corners, which led to the exploration bases of dwarves around the world. Some bases were used as outposts, others were used as bases against the dwarfs. .

Dwarf tribe
The three-hammer dwarf in Warcraft refers to the beard, the wild hammer and the black iron. The three tribes are basically equal in strength, with occasional battles but only small-scale operations in the dark. There are three occupations in Diablo 1: warriors, archers and magicians. This is the classic RPG character set, which represents the basic elements of power, speed and magic of the three RPGs. In the real world, I feel that it represents one's body, speed and spirit. So the three-hammer dwarf is like a person divided into three, although each tribe is still strong but can never dominate the mainland because they have personality defects. The bronze dwarf is too straight, the wild hammer dwarf is too alone, and the black iron dwarf is too overcast. The copper whisker tribe lacks strategy, the wild hammer dwarf lacks diplomatic cooperation, and the black iron dwarf lacks decisiveness. If the three hammer dwarves are combined, it is undoubtedly the first force in the world of Azeroth. Unfortunately, it is difficult for them to coordinate their own internal contradictions, so they will never be able to dominate. Buy the WOW Classic Power Leveling service now and enjoy the benefits. It can help you quickly improve your game level and solve problems that are difficult to do with your game.

Race relationship
Dwarves can get along with the gnomes, and humans, half-elves and halflings can still pass. The dwarves said, "The difference between an acquaintance and a friend is about a hundred years." It is difficult for a short-lived human to forge a truly solid relationship with a dwarf. The best dwarf-human friendship takes place between humans and dwarves who like his parents and grandparents. The dwarf does not appreciate the subtle feelings and art of the elves, thinking that the elves are unpredictable, fickle and unstable. But after a while, the elves and dwarves found common ground in the battle against the orcs, the goblins, and the gnolls; the elves also earned the dwarf's reluctant respect. Dwarves generally don't believe in half-orcs, and half-orcs have the same feeling for dwarves. Fortunately, the dwarves are fair races, and they give themselves to half-orc individuals. Click to see how to buy World of Warcraft gold coins.

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