World of warcraft: tribe

World of warcraft: tribe

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World of warcraft: tribe

The Horde is one of the two forces in the online game World of Warcraft. Its opponent is the league. The tribe is a faction composed of non-Azeroth local powers. They are associated with survival through glory and overcome these obstacles as families, comrades, and even uneasy allies.

The main racial members include the Orc clan of Orgrimmar, the Darkspear Troll of the Echo Islands, the Tauren of Thunder Bluff, the Forsaken of the Undercity, and the Blood Elf of the Silvermoon City, which was joined during the Burning Crusade. During the fission period, the gnome of the rust water port and the Pandaren of the lost island of the Pandaren were added.

During the hegemony of Azeroth, Surama's son of the night, the Supreme Ridge Taurus of the High Ridge, the Magahan Orc of Draenor, and the Zandalari Troll of Zudasa joined the Horde as a genus.
Members of the secondary race include part of the ogre, the Mokenasa half-ogre, part of the forest troll of the Hinterlands, the yak of Northrend, and the forest of Pandaria.

The leaders of the new tribe are called the chiefs, and some of the old tribes and other allies have formed new tribes since the integration of Saar. So far there are four great chiefs, namely Sal, Garrosh and Hellscream ("The Fission of the Earth" Successor), Woking ("Pandaren's Mystery" successor), Sylvanas Windrunner ("The Legion" is succeeded). There are many stories about World of Warcraft. If you need WOW Classic Gold, you can go to, where you can buy World of Warcraft gold at the best price.

Ethnic city

Orc--Orgrimmar (Durotar)
After the orcs settled in Durotar, they quickly established the capital of the former leader Orgrim Doomhammer. Recently, Garrosh Hellscream has rebuilt most of the city's buildings, and now Orgrimmar is among the most spectacular fortresses in Azeroth. The metal spires lined up in the streets of the city, and the tribal red and black flags flew everywhere. Orgrimmar City is the center of the entire tribe.

Most races, from the Tauren of the Wisdom Valley to the Troll of the Spirit Valley, are assigned to their own areas. The Gromash fortress is far higher than other buildings, which makes Garrosh Hellscream closely guard his people.

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