World of Warcraft Arena

World of Warcraft Arena

14.10.2019 09:51

World of Warcraft Arena

The Lordaeron Ruins Arena is new in World of Warcraft 2.1.2. It is designed with the entrance to the Undercity as the prototype. The entire ruin has a wide terrain. There is only one tomb obstacle in the center of the battlefield, and there is a horse in the vicinity, so compared to the trial arena, the test here is the hard-hitting force. For some of the games in the game, the advantage of this kind of venue will be more obvious. The shadow of the shadow is also refreshed on both sides of the battlefield. But the role in this battlefield is not obvious.

game introduction

Location: Part of the ruins area above the Undercity
Background: It used to be the main city of humanity, and it is now the ground part of the dark city of the forgotten main city.
Special settings: The central coffin is strategically advantageous and strong, but it also makes you a highly concentrated target.
Dark film field: 90 seconds after the start of the game, two dark video field devices will appear in the arena. It allows you to see sneak and stealth players, but at the same time will impose a Debuff on your damage, so players should use the dark field. The entrance to the dark city of the tribal main city (the aboveground part), connected to the Tirisfal Glades. Next to it is a transfer orb that can be sent to Silvermoon City. This place leads directly to the Throne Hall (the place where Uncle Alsace), through the invisibility of the Master, the Warlock detects invisibility and can see many 15th-level "Lodden Residents" ghosts (counter eggs). Click on to buy World of Warcraft Gold, now the purchase is not only affordable, but also fast delivery.

Tactical introduction

Around the column For some players who hate the tactics of the column, this is a very unfortunate news - there is a damn pillar in the ruins of Lordaeron... but this column is not a column but a central tomb. At the beginning, this station is blocking you in the middle so that you can't tell who is right. Even if the other party enters the range, you can't use it because there is a block in the middle. It’s hard to play a kite and a circle, because the circle will often make your teammate’s auxiliary spells less effective. There are also evil magicians and beastmaster hunters who can even order pets to attack and hide behind the table to kill another person.

Therefore, a skilled around the pillar master knows to use all available obstacles to achieve the purpose of avoiding attacks. The only thing that is gratifying is that this tomb is not high, so if you are impatient with the other side, you can also jump on the tomb, so the other side around the column is useless - as long as you jumped into the tomb After jumping up, will it become the target of a concentrated attack on the other side, which is hard to say.

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