Travel is not to get to the destination, but to experience the process - WoW Classic

Travel is not to get to the destination, but to experience the process - WoW Classic

14.10.2019 10:36

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More than a month has elapsed since the release of WoW Classic. More and more old players have found a nostalgic feeling and have a different experience than playing Modern WoW. Recently, middle-aged player Dom Sacco from the UK shared his views on WoW Classic.

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He is a true player in World of Warcraft, and became a resident of Azeroth from WoW when it was first released in 2004. Although he has repeatedly AFK and missed some expansion due to work reasons, he will still choose to return to Azeroth to continue his adventure with his blood elves whenever he has the opportunity.

He has been involved in several hardcore raiding guilds, and sometimes he feels tired and will play casually. He also tried to fight between players participating in the Horde and Alliance on the PvP server. Not only that, he even tried to play a real Azeroth resident on the RP server.

So the release of WoW Classic caught his interest, he once again created a blood elf character. When he played WoW Classic, he found that he became more patient. He was not in a hurry to reach level 60 and participate in the raid team because he had experienced it a decade ago. This time he wanted to find something new in WoW Classic, so he patiently accepted all the tasks and read the task text to learn some background stories that were previously ignored.

In Vanilla World of Warcraft, because of the lack of guidelines, players often don't know what to do next or where to go, and Sacco never wastes time on the road. Ten years ago his night elf rogue arrived directly from Ashesvale from Tedrasrassil, so he missed the place like The Deadmines on the road, when he didn't even know the existence of these dungeons. In the WoW Classic, this dungeon brought him a lot of happy time, he collected all the pieces of the Defias leather armour set in a few weeks.

Currently, as a parent, he does not have enough time to participate in the full Molten Core raid. For him, The Deadmines is his Molten Core, and he thinks he has gained enough happiness in the WoW Classic.

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