The new version of Warcraft 9.0 will lower everyone's level

The new version of Warcraft 9.0 will lower everyone's level

13.11.2019 08:30

The new version of Warcraft 9.0 will lower everyone's level

After 15 years of development, Blizzard released seven expansion plans in the middle. World of Warcraft has evolved from the savage game of the year to the super mmorpg game that is available all over the world today.

The eighth extension of the game, Shadowlands, will introduce the "level compression" that developer Blizzard said. Since there are already many players in the game that have reached the level of 120, the level of those full players after the new version is updated will be reduced from the original 120 to 50. At the same time the game will start a new gaming experience. Let the player learn the basics in a whole new field and with other novices. Then, once they reach level 10, they will be released to level 50 in World of Warcraft's latest expansion pack, Battle of Azeroth, and learn the story so far. Once the level reaches level 50, they will be transferred to the new version of Shadow. The fair use of WOW Classic Gold can achieve a multiplier effect for players. The more Classic WOW Gold you buy now, the more discounts players get.

This is a big change compared to previous progress. In the previous process, players experienced multiple expansions, some of which have not yet reached the expected development. Recently, the World of Warcraft team extended the level to an older area, allowing players to change the chronological order through the game space to the distant past. But this is still a problem that needs new players to solve, so this is why it is changing. Subscribe to the ZZWOW website news, not only to get discounts, but also unexpectedly receive surprise gifts.

"World of Warcraft" executive producer John told Kotaku at the carnival: Through countless game tests, and through constant visits, we continue to understand that we have read all of our expansions, especially trying to have an average. Level of experience (is a daunting task). So some players may have never played World of Warcraft, or they have not played World of Warcraft for a long time. Players can choose to recreate a character and experience a different game world in the game. Not only your own experience, but also experience with other novices. You will naturally hope to build many sincere friendships and relationships in it. When you should learn the basics, you won't be disturbed by high-level players. ”

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