"Path of Exile" founder Chris Wilson believes that "Diablo IV" is making mistakes

"Path of Exile" founder Chris Wilson believes that "Diablo IV" is making mistakes

14.11.2019 03:23

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After BlizzCon revealed that Diablo IV will impose trading restrictions based on item categories, Path of Exile founder Chris Wilson’s one-month speech became more and more important this week. If Wilson’s speech can explain the problem, it means that they are making mistakes.

Wilson knows very little about how to make a successful ARPG, but for such a section to discuss a project that prevents players from trading strong, they believe that this is a flaw that Wilson believes is using too many ARPGs to solve the supporting problem.

"...this is not the right direction," Wilson said. “You need to trade in games related to the item because POE Currency is valuable. If you find a POE item and it is the only one that can be consumed, then having it will not bring you good. Feeling. It doesn't have any weight.” Wilson's comments were published a few months before BlizzCon's "Diablo 4", but they are at the heart of the long-term debate on the trading restrictions of the ARPG community. Early controversy about "Diablo IV".

The non-tradable POE Trade Currency is a big problem for Chris Wilson. There is always room for nuances in game development, so Wilson's point of view may change with the entire content of Diablo IV for the player, but for now, he seems to disagree with their trading style.

For Wilson, letting players move objects freely with each other is not only the attraction of the free market, but it is also part of the fascination of the game. According to his experience, this is “a key part of the project that has economic value and represents your achievements.”

Diablo IV game developers will adapt to the trade restrictions debate, which is why they first tend to be based on the trade rules of the item category. Blizzard's choice has gradually limited the more powerful POE Currency Buy deal, rather than eliminating the market, a method that was partially modified in the past few years in Diablo III.

Of course, this is far from being determined by Diablo IV. Blizzard had asked for feedback on this topic at the Blizzard Carnival and claimed to be "still early" in game development, perhaps so early that "Grund Gear Games' Path of Exile 4.0" would not be its direct competitor.

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