The best team support in WoW Classic: Paladin and Shaman

The best team support in WoW Classic: Paladin and Shaman

14.11.2019 07:37

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In essence, these two classes differ in many ways, and they are called the best auxiliary class because they can only serve the factions to which they belong. You can get a 8% extra offer to buy WOW Classic Gold on ZZWOW's official website. Not only that, but if you become a VIP member of ZZWOW, you can get more discounts when order settlement!

The shaman has almost become one of the must-have members of the Horde adventure team. They have mastered the bloodthirsty that can greatly increase the attack intensity in a short time, which is very important in the team raid. At the same time, they can greatly improve the life recovery ability of team members and the output capability of melee DPS by setting various totems. It is worth noting that in the face of bosses that can cause fear, the shaman's Tremor Totems can temporarily act as the Dwarf priest's Fear Ward, although the effect is not particularly reliable, but they are less expensive. Their other main ability is to disperse and quickly remove the debilitating effects of group members, such as poisoning or weakness.

In the WoW Classic, the performance of the shaman is not the best, because the damage they can cause in combat is very unstable, mainly relying on luck. When good luck comes, the shaman can deal a fatal damage to the enemy. In general, Enhance shamans use Windfury buffs (unleashing multiple swings at once with their two-handed weapon), which in patch 1.12, the snapshot Classic Uses, can still proc from its own swings, leading to sometimes-ridiculous chains of huge hits against an enemy.

The Paladin is the best assistant to the Alliance faction. Although some players have chosen the Paladin's protective specialization as a tank in the team, they have a big gap compared to the iconic warrior class. In fact, the paladin in most raid teams chose therapeutic specialization. They can provide very good gain effects and blessings for individual targets, which further enhances the tank's viability.

The most familiar to the Paladins is their ability to bless. Wisdom can improve the mana regeneration of priests and mages, allowing more skill to be used per unit of time. Cleanse is a very good means of protection. When a member of the team is poisoned or a spell is cast, the Paladin can dispel these negative effects for them at once. Closer to the action, paladin’s provide auras, such as Concentration Aura, which prevents spell pushback on damage to the entire raid.

Paladins usually do not perform well in PvP battles because they lack sufficient offensive means. So in the arena, most Paladins will choose to form a team with mages or warriors.

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