WOW: Pastor's Skills Classification 2

WOW: Pastor's Skills Classification 2

20.01.2020 08:51

This skill heals the target for 15 seconds at a recovery rate every 3 seconds. Because the healing speed is slow, the accumulation of hatred is relatively small; because it is released instantly, it will not have much impact on other healing skills; and the DPM of this spell is very high (see the comparison table below), so it is very common and mainly used Comes to assist healing tanks, healing other personnel, and healing on escape.
Heal is the lowest level of healing skills. This skill will no longer be used after learning Heal. The effect of using WOW Classic Gold For Sale to assist learning skills is obvious.
The enhanced version of Heal, which has a longer cast time and a larger amount of recovery, has a total of 4 levels, and then learns Greater Heal. At level 60, because the amount of treatment is almost the same as the highest level of Flash Heal, it is generally not used again.
Greater heal
The casting time is 4 seconds, and the amount of recovery is very large. Level 60 usually requires two Greater Heal on the shortcut bar, one at the highest level and one at the lower level. The Master of Intensive Healing can reduce the casting time by 0.5 seconds. On the surface, the difference between 3.5 seconds and 4 seconds is not much, but the gap is quite obvious in actual application. It is inconvenient to explain, you can try it yourself. Greater Heal is usually used to treat tanks in non-emergency situations.
In fact, Heal, Heal, and Greater Heal are the same skill, but the icon and name are changed during the skill upgrade.

Fast treatment
Spells that are slightly less cost-effective than Greater Heal (mainly due to lack of sufficient talent support), but because of their fast casting speed, they are still a very practical spell. Healing usually used in the advanced dungeon team (because the monster DPS in the high dungeon is too high, using Greater Heal may cause accidents) and the healing in PVP. It is recommended to put this spell on a shortcut that is easier to press. Using World of Warcraft Classic Gold can help players quickly improve their spells. Players can go to zzwow to buy cheap Warcraft gold.

Healing prayer
Although the range healing spell consumes a lot of mana, the amount of healing for a single target exceeds the rapid healing. When it encounters a monster that can use a range attack, it will significantly improve the healing efficiency. Healing Prayer Slams are calculated individually for each target. Slam gear or talents are more effective for this spell. In addition, healing prayers will put you on the watchlist of all monsters that are attacking your team members, causing all monsters to increase hatred against you when you heal yourself.

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