What should you do before you choose a league in POE?

What should you do before you choose a league in POE?

04.02.2020 08:21

When you start a whole new character in Path of Exile, you must choose which league you need to play in first. If you have little idea what the difference between the Metamorph or Standard or Hardcore leagues are, it may be a pretty daunting process with no quick Google search.

What are leagues in Path of Exile?
Leagues are essentially a pool of players to experiment with with, and also a set of rules you stick to.

The Standard league is obviously available. You adhere to standard rules, is actually players not serious about doing Challenge Seasons. It’s the most basic type of the game, along with a good place to begin with if you’re easily overwhelmed.

Challenge leagues are similar to Seasons in Diablo 3. Every 3 or 4 months, a brand new POE Currency Challenge league appears — with new rules and features. You will need to create a brand new character you need to from scratch. You can earn cosmetic rewards by competing in Challenge leagues and beating specific challenges prior to a three month period ends.

At the tip of the Challenge league, your competing characters will transfer to your Standard league. When you want to get POE Currency and POE Items, I think you should visit MMOAH. Their POE trade is safe and cheap. Buy cheapest POE Currency from MMOAH!

Which league should you?
When you design your character, you will have to choose a league to experiment with them in. The default option is the currently-active Challenge league. But you can switch your character towards the Standard league to get a more vanilla experience. The Standard league is an effective way to just target the story or run the campaign the first time.

If you’re more enthusiastic about picking up Path of Exile with the late game as well as to Buy POE Currency interact with others, find the Challenge league. You will have a different, seasonal system to find out, and you will probably play the place where a majority with the Path of Exile community is playing. There’s also no penalty to playing the Challenge league, because your characters will transfer to Standard league in the event the Challenge league ends.

We recommend picking the Challenge league, and simply going Standard once you learn you will get overwhelmed by the number of things to do within the Challenge league.

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