Difference between Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enameled Copper Wire

Difference between Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enameled Copper Wire

26.12.2017 03:35

Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enameled Copper Wire Is not Much Difference in Principle

Enameled Aluminum Wire basic overview.

1.Conductor, electric and pure aluminum, 99.95%, conductivity 61.8% IACS, density 2.7E3kg/M3, melting point, about 600 above the general tensile strength 95Mpa.

Effective usage of resources: To promote the energy saving, the industrial waste reduction and the recycling plans continuously.

Committed to pollution prevention and control: Focus on the prevention of heavy pollution, strengthen the management and control of pollution sources.

Establish a legal and effective environmental management systems, through environmental audits and the management activities and identify the defect for the improvement of the environmental quality.

Reducing the usage of environmental control hazardous substances to meet customers' requirements.

Strengthen the environmental education by the full involvement of all employees to the implementation of the Environmental Management System (EMS).

Reinforce the internal-external communication and promote the company's efforts in environmental protection achievements.

Company History of xinyu-enameledwire.com


Active in international exhibitions, attended Dubai MEE 2017(Booth No. SAK46) and CWIEME Berlin 2017(Booth No. 21C20) in the first half of 2017, improve Xinyu brand’s popularity.


2016.5.10-2016.5.12 Participated in world-famous CWIEME Berlin Exhibition 2016(Booth No. 31C26) for the first time.


Xinyu has made remarkable achievements in international business, exports grew to 22 countries.


Internal: integrate resources, expanse production line, satisfy various demands of customers; external: cooperate with Panasonic and Schneider.


Officially rename as Suzhou Wujiang Xinyu Electric Material Co., Ltd., for Wujiang merged into Suzhou City.


Stable customer group, gradually expand new market, steady growth performance, start cooperation with Jiuyang and TAMURA.

2.The insulating film 200 of the polyester polyurethane composite line can be achieved.

3.Electrical insulation properties very close to the China Enameled Wire, normal is no different. Enameled Aluminum Wire and Enameled Copper Wire is not much difference in principle, only the amount of the price of Enameled Copper Wire is more expensive thanEnameled Aluminum Wire. but Enameled Copper Wire have higher conductivity than Enameled Aluminum Wire. Enameled Aluminum Wire motor can be replaced by Enameled Copper Wire,but need professional staff.

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