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    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Madden 20: MUT Heavyweight provides the best value for your Coins" geschrieben. Heute

      It's a temptation to spend your hard-earned MUT 20 Coins on the best Tyreek Hill or Patrick Mahomes cards you can find. Maybe Michael Vick and Tory Holt caught your attention at the auction house, but no matter who they are, they are almost always quarterbacks, big receivers, or defensive guard.

      These positions are critical. After all, eliminating defenders and leaping intercepts is essential to accumulating scores and winning the game. However, these players will soon become very expensive and usually get a similar card in the mission, such as 90 OVR MUT superstar Mahomes or the 83 OVR superstar KO player of the week.

      A dominant running game or a high defensive line is not easy to get. The number of these cards is small, and the lineman usually stays at the lower Core Elite level of the 80-82 OVR. This card program is the answer to the battle es. There may be only 24 players to choose from, but they can protect your quarterback, create loopholes for your Guard, and take advantage of the frontcourt to develop defensive mistakes.

      You can get one of the players through the "heavyweight combination," but this will cost you 2,470 training, which is a lot of money that is hard to get. Instead, it's best to go to the auction house and spend coins on these players. The best price is about 145,000, and the current price is unbelievably lower than the cost of the 89 OVR TOTW Dalvin Cook.

      Who is the heavyweight you think? Sheldon Rankins, who is the 12th overall pick in 2016, with 86 power, 86 tackles, and 86 moves, he can fall and soil and overwhelm the running game in the middle of the field. It is the best defensive tackle currently available in the MUT on the side of the Legends 90 OVR Alan Page card.

      Rankins has a price of 118,000 Madden Coins on the Xbox, 112,000 MUT 20 Coins on the PS4, and at least 140,000 Madden NFL 20 Coins cheaper than the Page card. No matter which defense you use, he can be Pirates.

      The Patriots' star right-back can correctly block any offense. He has a mighty power of 91 blocks, a balance of 87 and 86 blocks, he can move anyone, and the 84 block is still very stable. The price of the Xbox is as high as 134,000 MUT coins, and he may be more like a PS4 card, which can sell for about 116,000. Either way, the investment in Mason is more sensible than the 40,000 OVR Christian McCaffrey signature series.

      If you want a fulfilling monster, then Michael Pierce is the place to be. With an elite power of 92 and a scaffolding of 87, he can slide freely. His presence will enable you to get in touch with the line guard and help increase mistakes.

      Pierce is available for 125,000 Madden Coins on the Xbox and 120,000 Madden 20 Coins on the PS4. The investment in filler materials is much better than the 589,000 Willie Lanier Legends cards.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Madden 20: how to slide the QB" geschrieben. 12.10.2019

      While Madden 20 has added some exciting new features, such as superstar x-factor players, it has also encountered several problems with the game's unique gameplay, such as how to slide the QB, which is challenging to master in this update. In addition to the necessary Madden Coins, here's what you need to know about how to coast perfectly in Madden 20 for players to avoid blocks while running.

      As in Madden, sliding as a quarterback is a great way to catch up on a few yards when your team is under pressure because there is no bright pass. When the QB catches the ball, you may look for an open catch, but it's not always an option. If you need to run, you can slide to avoid being intercepted because QBS doesn't like blocked very much.

      To slide, you need to do something else first -- climb. To do that, if you're playing R2 on the PS4, or if you're playing RT on the Xbox One. If you don't, when you try to slide, you'll start going around the pocket. Then, if you're on the PS4 (X on Xbox One), click Square when you're out of line, and you can swipe whenever you want. Before online, the game still thinks you're trying to pass.

      If you don't do that when the other team tackles, they are much more likely to get injured if they don't want to lose. But if you're going to slide usually, be sure to tap the button, not press it hard.

      It's also important not to forget to let go of R2/RT before sliding, because if you don't, GB will dive forward. If you try water skiing as a non-QB, you will jump into yards, which is a higher risk.

      It is all you need to know about how to slide in Madden 20. For more game tips or to purchase Madden 20 Coins, search GameMS. The site also lists some helpful guidelines below.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "League of Towers: Path of Exile to Tower Defense" geschrieben. 11.10.2019

      The new Path of Exile update (Action RPG Multiplayer) adds the original tower defense mechanism. The last Legion of the Veterans Challenge Alliance - the Legion was famous for its success. Blight is the newest member of the Dungeon Crawler lineup, chasing him to find new content players. Although all challenge alliances are unique, this Alliance is more so than the previous Alliance. Want to enhance your game? Get better gear and fight the plague with POE Currency and POE Orbs!

      Blight is the first challenge alliance and must be shut out uniquely: building a defensive tower. He even described as having a tower defense game mechanic. Proving that these constructs are necessary is the Scourge that controls the spirit of the devil, so it is your responsibility to help Sister Cassia stop them. The problem is that Blight can control the brains of many monsters at once, so you need to build the tower quickly, or you will be overwhelmed.

      Another thing that Blight is different about is that although most of the league content included in a dedicated card, it often seems the new card infected with the evil plague. It depends on how you compete with and win rewards.

      Speaking of this, in addition to POE Orbs, there are some Blight-specific POE Items:

      Oil - items used to modify POE Orbs can provide some additional rewards. Talk to the sisters of Cassia, who combines two oils to give your ring a turn-over modifier and mixes the three oils to your amulet, which is any evident passive skill in the skill tree. With more than twelve types of fat, you need to do mathematical calculations and find out how many combinations and their effects.

      Distinguished Unique Items - Cassia Sisters can also smear the unique and unique items of the Alliance by granting the skill tree a significant passive skill asset. With amulets, you can have up to five excellent skills to give you more choice for your build.

      New everyday items - In addition to the unique items of oil, in the true tradition of Path of Exile, Blight will also have some new general items, namely: 18 divination cards, 16 skills Path of Exile Orbs, and Auxiliary items and 16 unique items.

      In a challenging and challenging league, Blight has become an unforgettable and crucial addition to POE, full of exciting new skills, new exclusive projects, and restructured courses.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Madden 20: Slider settings for the realistic NFL experience PS4 and Xbox One" geschrieben. 10.10.2019

      Madden 20 can be said to be a realistic simulation of the NFL, but sometimes it doesn't feel like it. Each player has experienced some moments, causing them to yell "that will never happen!" and frustrate the controller. And in Madden 20, players will use Madden NFL 20 Coins to improve themselves, which is the most significant difference with the NFL.

      There is a headache, perhaps because your star ran back three times in the red zone, or the opposite quarterback beat the opponent 31-33 before you sliced ​​himself, then Bad performance in the game against the computer next week.

      To solve this problem, we found that there is a powerful slider setting that creates a more realistic version of Madden, creating a more significant gap between good and bad players, while reducing the most frustrating part of the game.

      On how to adjust the slider, first, how do you get to the slider and move around? You will need to go to the gear on the main menu and select "Settings," then click on the first tab from there and mark it again as "Settings." It will take you to the options menu where you can use the slider to adjust player skills, CPU skills, and penalties.

      To avoid the "can't miss" QB game, we reduced the QB accuracy to 42 and the pass blocking and WR catch rate to 45. It is to make the pass more efficient and invalidate players with a low catch. It also means that controversial catching is more difficult for the CPU, thus stopping the moment when the average player drags the ball and the safety hangs on him.

      The running blocking reduced to 45, and the blurring increased to 57. It makes it less likely that you will create a sense of vagueness and correct the problems Madden has. The defensive response time increased to 53 to help the CPU player get the right position. Interceptions are reduced to 44 to prevent some of the more ridiculous defensive games, and pass coverage increases to 56, and these defensive games may expand, so you can't take advantage of vulnerabilities in regional coverage. Processing speeds of up to 55 to help prevent more OP rack movements in the Madden 20. Finally, no matter how the player plays the game, Madden 20 Coins is not missing.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Path of Exile: About Pathfinder Iceshot Voidfletcher" geschrieben. 09.10.2019

      Path of Exile's pathfinder IceshotVoidfletcher built with a variety of variations, so we're not going to discuss it. Its focus is on Voidfletcher, a vibrating device with many exciting effects. Of course, you don't have to insert POE Orbs to achieve this effect.

      Combine it with a good bow and archery skills, and you can clear the map with little effort. Recommended equipment can be expensive. However, you can grab it from other versions to ease the burden of valuable POE Orbs storage.

      Regarding the defenses in the "Path of Exile" build. First, you need to get all the dodge passives. Keep the flask active and take some precautionary measures or blind measures to enhance your ability to evade. It is because the speed of movement allows you to avoid some mechanical attacks.

      Of course, for this Path of Exile build, you will need a Voidfletcher. That's the foundation of the entire build, so without it, it's like a sandwich without bread. The recommended equipment is the work of the deceased, the shelter of the dragon, the ire of the sea, the tomb of the tomb, the dominating belt, and the sting.

      The best accessories are Pandemonium, the Elder Seal, and Entropy Grip. Will increase crit, physical to elemental damage conversion, and some rare POE Items for resistance. Find something that suits you. The recommended thermos are Chemist's adrenaline Quicksilver flask, Ample Diamond's hot flask, Alchemist's Ward Jade bottle, and DyingSun. The anti-glare Pantheon (Brine King) is professional. Any minor will do this, depending on your situation.

      Now that you are ready, you can use Voidfletcher Pathfinder. It may run out of most of your POE Currency, but it's a fun game. Finally, watch to see how you can get out of the way that blocks you.

      Play Path of Exile: Iceshot Voidfletcher Pathfinder! Also, check out the latest updates to the Path of Exile at POECurrency.com!

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Madden 20: New X-Factor scene for franchise mode – October title update is live" geschrieben. 08.10.2019

      In the past, we wrote about Madden's lack of attention to the franchise model. It seems that EA Sports has listened to at least a little bit, at least, listening to Madden 20's latest title update.

      We are fortunate to be able to live in a game world, and after the world is released, the game can be continuously improved. Although it widely believed that this is a good version of Madden and has enhanced in recent iterations, there are still some problems with stability, and players who are in favor of MUT's lack of development franchise are continually calling. Even if the player's enthusiasm for the game not reduced, the demand for the Madden NFL 20 Coins has not decreased.

      The update released an announcement today, and we can see some substantial progress in-game quality and deep franchise models. EA Sport is committed to a comprehensive transformation of the Chartered News System, which is where the other game series, such as NBA 2k, is far ahead. Dynamic interactions are generated continuously from the game to create an immersive experience. So now, the "Most" experience is still very shallow. There are only a few situations, and not always triggered at the right time, when you see the same scene 5 times, they lose their appeal.

      This update will respond to great games in the franchise and add new game day stories and challenges. Moreover, based on these situations and performances, the generated rookie will have the opportunity to acquire and equip new abilities. They also updated the trigger conditions for any "frustrated player" story.

      It is only the first step, but EA Sports' intentions have expired, and the franchise community must be happy to enter the agenda finally. Last but not least, if you want Buy Madden 20 Coins or learn about the progress of this update, you can visit GameMS, and their website will present in real-time for you.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Madden 20 Week 1 roster update may be affected by Hurricane Dorian" geschrieben. 30.09.2019

      With the arrival of the 2019 NFL season, EA finally announced when it would release the Madden 20 roster update. That is to say, and Hurricane Dorian did not screw things up. At the same time, the Madden NFL 20 was finally released. Many players have already started preparing for the Madden NFL 20 Coins, and they are looking forward to this update.

      With the approach of the 2019 NFL season and the cut-off of the preseason roster that is due to end today, EA announced that we could anticipate the update of Madden's 20-week first roster. As expected, the roster update (which will reflect the final 53 lists for each team) will schedule for Thursday, September 5.

      However, due to the mighty hurricane Dorian threatening Florida, this may be delayed. At the forum, EA provided some insights into the upcoming content scheduled for Madden and Ultimate Team, warning that the impact of Hurricane Dorian on EA Tiburon's central Florida may lead to delays in roster updates and weekly Ultimate Team plans.

      It is well known that Hurricane Dorian will arrive in central Florida early next week. Due to the impact of Hurricane Dorian, the content of Madden and Madden Ultimate Team may delay. The good news is that the latest forecast suggests that Hurricane Dorian will be far from the east coast of Florida, which may mean less damage if staying on the water. But this is still a powerful storm, and the path changes every hour. As you can see, Orlando is still in an uncertain state, which means that EA people may have to spend at least some time preparing for a potential disaster. It may mean that the time spent on the roster update has been reduced, and the final 53-person roster has followed hundreds (or even thousands) of color adjustments.

      In any case, we should first expect Madden's 20-week roster to updated on Thursday, September 5, which happens to be the Thursday night kick-off between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears. For a digression, players who play Madden NFL 20 can choose to purchase at GameMS if they need NFL 20 coins.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "MUT 20: Calvin Johnson returns to Madden Ultimate Team as FS" geschrieben. 29.09.2019

      EA revealed the next player to join the Madden 20 Ultimate Team as part of the MUT 10th Anniversary Series. It is the catcher of the legendary Detroit Lions, Calvin Johnson. Many fans who like him are already looking forward to it, and more and more people are buying Madden NFL 20 Coins.

      During his limited time in the NFL (many fans hope that his career will not end like this), Johnson single-handedly ruled the opposition's defense. He still haunted me today in the 2013 yard match against the Dallas Cowboys in 2013.

      However, if you look closely at his Ultimate Team 10 card, you will find something exciting. He has not widely accepted. Instead, Calvin Johnson made his debut as MRT 20 as a free security officer.

      For the average fan, this may be a bit strange, but the veterans of the ultimate team may be familiar with Johnson in a free and secure position. His size, speed, and hands make him a staunch defender, and he is a trendy choice.

      Fans seem to have different views on Calvin Johnson's participation in the Madden 20 Ultimate Team. Part of it comes from the Madden Ultimate Team 10 program itself, and whether it should be the best player in its position or the player who dominated Madden in every position in the past. Others were dissatisfied with EA's decision to include Calvin Johnson in other actual free security clauses, such as Sean Taylor or Ed Reed.

      Regardless of how you feel, Calvin Johnson will package for sale until Monday, September 30th. Be sure to complete his limited time solo challenge to earn his Power-Up items and MUT 10 Collectible before expiration. In short, players who like NFL 20 can learn about Madden NFL 20 in advance and MUT 20 Coins in GameMS in advance.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Madden 20 welcomes another NFL star to join the "99 Club"" geschrieben. 27.09.2019

      When Madden 20 officially released on August 2, only four players were considered sufficient to represent 99 overall landmark ratings. These players are the Chicago Bears central defender Khalil Mike, the Houston Texans catcher DeAndre Hopkins, the Los Angeles Rams defensive end Aaron Donald and the Seattle Seahawks. Defender Bobby Wagner. Before introducing this season's game, I think many players can follow the GameMS website, you can get the latest news about Madden 20, and it is an excellent choice to buy Madden NFL 20 Coins there.

      There have only been three games this coming year. The ratings of Madden 20 have zero choices but to provide a fifth player on the 99 club - Kansas City Chiefs QB and "Madden 20" cover star Patrick Ma. Holmes.

      The defending champion NFL MVP has a total score of 97. He has been in the first three games of the team and has been ranked first in the league in passing code (1,195) and a touchdown (10) while completing 71.9%. He has not intercepted, and his Kansas City Chiefs have fallen to a 3-0 record after his outstanding performance.

      In addition to the 99 overall Madden rating of Dream 99, Mahomes also received a commemorative trophy from his right tackle Mitchell Schwartz.

      The 24-year-old QB will be eligible to renew the contract after the end of the season, which guarantees that the Chiefs will become the highest-paid player in NFL history. According to ESPN's Adam Schefter, Mahomes hopes to sign a contract worth more than $200 million this summer, far exceeding Mahomes' current four-year, $16.42 million rookie contract...

      The Emirates will travel to Detroit this Sunday to play against the 2-0-1 Lions, then play against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday night in Week 5, at the Arrowhead Stadium. Finally, if you are a loyal player in this series, or if you like the Madden NFL 20 game, don't miss GameMS, there will be the most cost-effective MUT 20 Coins, I think it must be essential for the player.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Path of Exile: Blight is now available for PC" geschrieben. 26.09.2019

      The developer Grinding Gear Games released a fantastic announcement earlier, telling us that the latest extension of its popular RPG, Path of Exile, has been released on the PC! Path of Exile: Blight, this new extension combines the classic action RPG in the base game with the new tower defense system, bringing a unique game style to the world of Path of Exile!

      This expansion introduced the player to a new NPC called Cassia, who told the player that the dangerous fungus growth is slowly spreading throughout Wraeclast. These growths can control the minds of monsters, but fortunately, this kind sister creates a new device that can drain this growth and make them harmless. Players will have to purchase building materials with POE Currency to build and deploy many towers to protect the pumps. When the pump is working, they resist a wave of beasts to see the fungus spread throughout the land.

      In addition to this new game mode, Path of Exile: Blight introduces many new skills, POE Items and balance adjustments, including a lot of redoing for specific careers! If you don't have a chance to play the Path of Exile, it's time to join! It is a perfect opportunity.

      Path of Exile: Blight is now available on PCs and has released on September 9th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Stay tuned to POECurrency for more news about your favorite games! Or you can buy Path of Exile Currency and POE Trade on this website.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Lazy EA developers copy and paste Madden NFL 19 into Madden NFL 20" geschrieben. 25.09.2019

      Over the years, EA has become complacent and lazy, as evidenced by the disastrous release of Anthem, Battlefront 2, and other products. The annual franchise particularly hard hit and suffered from franchise fatigue, and even at some point, even developers no longer care. It seems that this is happening in Madden NFL 20, where EA developers used the 2019 booth banner.

      A fan shared a short video on Facebook showing how Madden NFL 19's banner ads represent Madden NFL 19, which means it was a direct copy and paste of last year's game. It is the sorting work that EA did when developing the annual franchise, but it did not waste any opportunity to monetize actively. And Madden NFL 20 Coins is still sold as always, which also loses the player's money.

      The ultimate team model earned millions of dollars for EA, and now the company brings these elements out of sports. Yes, EA has led Blake Jorgenson to monetize non-sports games such as Battlefield, Star Wars, and Titan.

      Like Battlefield or Battlefield, our Star Wars game is very similar in-game depth – we can add the same mechanism for this. We spent a lot of time thinking about it. Not for tomorrow, but for the next few years, you will see more in our portfolio.

      EA has huge profits in digital content downloads and in-game purchases of game coins such as Cheap Madden 20 Coins. EA recognizes that huge benefits are the reason they plan to bring in more in-game purchases and DLC.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Path of Exile's newest member, Blight, debuts at PC" geschrieben. 24.09.2019

      Later, RPG fans may play "The Land of Nowhere 3", but "Path of Exile: Blight" has been launched a few days before this month, this is a free, excellent new member of hack'n' slash. The extension is now available for PCs and has well received by fans.

      The creators of the Path of Exile are amazed at the idea of ​​continually breaking through the boundaries of creativity in the hack'n'slash style. This time, they came up with the idea of ​​adding elements to the game... Tower Defense! They are at the heart of the latest (and of course free) Blight add-on, which has been available on the PC for a few hours and was available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 9. At the same time, POE Currency PS4 and POE Currency Xbox of the POECurrency website are doing particular activities.

      This time, our mission is to defend Wraeclast from mysterious infections, and we can prevent this infection by building turrets with different abilities and attack power. Importantly, the new game concept has been warmly welcomed by fans for the time being, and of course, this is not the only novelty that Grinding Gear Games Studio has prepared.

      The creators also redid several character classes, added mechanisms to saturate the skills with passive skill tree skills, released new features for poison and creep control, and new unique POE Items and POE Currency. We have another chance of in-game balance. In short, this is the best time to check out the Path of Exile in action, because it's just the best (free!) Hack'n' slash on the market.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Path of Exile: The new Blight Alliance is finally here - that is waiting for you!" geschrieben. 23.09.2019

      Starting at 10 pm on September 6th, in Path of Exile, you will be able to join the new Challenge Alliance with a variety of redesigned skills, new enemies, POE Items and POE Currency, and cool rewards. Find out what you can expect.

      Every month, time is up: Path of Exile has started a new challenge alliance! Fusarium also attracts new monsters, challenging battles, and exciting construction ideas. The basic mechanics of Blight used in entirely different types: tower defense. When you cross Wraeclast, you will encounter dangerous plants that must destroy. But at the root that causes the yellow pulsation of the center of the flower, the monster will stop you. When the machine is working on weeding, use a different tower to stop them.

      However, if there is no elaborate method, what will the new alliance be like? With the withering experience, you get special oils that can be combined to give exclusive rewards to your equipment. You don't have to worry about random results: different combinations will always produce the same upgrade. Therefore, if you rely on creeps, explosive mines, or false poison attacks, then you should play the role of a witch or a shadow in this league.

      There are also small, subtle changes in the revision, adaptation, and novelty of the mountains, and these changes should bring more fun. For example, from the 3.8 patches, you can access the second skill bar. By default, you must press CTRL, which can customize on the menu. This way, you can place essential but rarely used skills, such as a halo. If you die in the battle with the cruel Doomsday boss, you will no longer fall in Orias, but in your hiding place, unnecessary travel is a thing of the past. People who are having problems dealing with defeated group members may also be happy: you can now choose to do so instead of killing or negotiating. On the other hand, you can also use more POE PS4 Currency in the game, which will make it faster and easier to win.

      We hope that you will have a lot of fun in Blight, good luck, of course: only the best loot can make you more fun!

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "About the next Madden 20: Our 2019 Week 3 NFL simulation" geschrieben. 21.09.2019

      The NFL season has changed dramatically due to the long-term quarterback injury. We have not even entered the 2019 NFL season for a month, and have begun to see many of the climaxes and troughs of individual teams. The next important event is the 2019 Week 3 NFL simulation. In the simulation, professional players and ordinary players have the advantage of Madden NFL 20 Coins in addition to exclusive benefits. In general, regular players will not have enough MUT 20 Coins for professional players.

      Several famous quarterbacks injured for weeks or even entire season (Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger), some were unresolved (Cam Newton), and also the rookie bench (Eli Manning). To make a long story short, becoming a senior signal-caller is not a good year.

      To be sure, Fall is sure to start next week, so our Madden NFL 20 simulation game can help you choose the last minute or fantasy lineup. We did something different this week and gave you the results of Thursday earlier. It can say that we believe that we are the true American hero Garnder Minshew, who supported in fierce competition with the Titans.

      But now this week's simulation results are 1-0, plus last week's record, the simulation results for the entire season are as high as 14-3. Can something on the virtual grill continue to mimic real life? Before we find the answer, let's take a closer look at how to do the calculations, just in case you stay at home.

      Finally, all Madden NFL 20 loyal players, if you need cheap NFL 20 coins, or want to learn more about Madden NFL 20, you can visit the GameMS home page, where you will find what you want.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Path of Exile's Scion Gatling Machine Gun Girl Construction Guide" geschrieben. 20.09.2019

      Path of Exile fans, this is a precious article for you. The construction of the Ice Spear Totem is costly and only applies to the Scion character. These two facts make the task unsuitable for tasks in the standard league because the class can only be unlocked in step 3. So if you have enough POE Currency and you have unlocked Scion, you can follow the steps below to build. Proceed as follows.

      In the skill tree, unlock some life nodes to get a passive physique. Then, follow the path of the fire, ice, and mouse resistance by opening the gem slot and reaching the passive outpost instead of melee damage. Then, follow the Shaper node to get a life, power, and some life regeneration nodes. Track +10 intelligence above the Path of Exile Orbs slot and turn left in the other slot before the circle. Moving on to a few more nodes will take you to the totem circle with the ancestor key.

      For your promotion skills, head to the Templars until you reach Hierophant. Then choose the chieftain on the path of the predator. Depending on your rating, Tabula Rara can be used with the +2 slot projection POE Orbs rating. For your weapon, you can use two Axiom Perpetuum and any original projectile gemstones. At 20th level, get a Kikazaru ring. At the age of 22, he receives a Coward's Chains belt and gets a Karui Charge Jade amulet at the age of 24.

      When you reach the 50+ level, get a +1 shield, and get the most summoned totem. There are also swallowing crowns that can be collected. Before reaching level 60, you will have the chance to get a soul cloak with Self-Flagellation jewelry. At level 68, get a pair of Koam's "roots" and "dying sun bottles." Other possible flasks for this configuration would be the blood of the Karui, a large number of sulfur flasks immersed, the resistant diamond flask and the mercury flask.

      Your best weapon will be a weapon that adds cold damage to spells, casts spells, and increases spell damage. The belt should be Stygian vise with additional Chaos Orb fit, resistance, and maximum "energy shielding" and "maximum service life." Place jewelry that gives maximum life, energy shields, or spells with cold damage.

      The above content provides players with an excellent upgrade idea. If you want to buy POE Items, you can take POECurrency. The most important thing is to play Path of Exile with Scion's Gatling Gun Girl.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Madden NFL 20 gets a wild five-minute game mode" geschrieben. 19.09.2019

      The Madden NFL 20 is already well done, but EA Sports is pleasantly introduced with the new Superstar KO model, which makes things a little shaken - a pretty good choice compared to the usual Madden experience. Most of the average player is choosing to buy Madden NFL 20 Coins to make them have better gaming experience.

      First, each game lasts about 5 minutes, instead of the 45-60 minutes required for a typical exhibition. Each pre-made team has only one offensive possession (there are eight options), no field goal percentage or pan, reduced game record, a mandatory two-point conversion, and sudden overtime tie-break.

      Two of the coaches were musicians - DJ Khaled and Lil Yachty - and the other was Jennifer Welter, who became the first female coach in NFL history in 2015. The game takes place in a stadium with a unique festive atmosphere, and all players (currently active in the NFL) are wildly designed. At the same time, the comments came from DJ speculators, not the usual broadcast teams of Brandon Golding and Charles Davis.

      Jake Stein, one of the creators of the model, said in a speech to Polygon that this short and sweet game is designed to provide a satisfying gaming experience without taking on too much responsibility for winning or losing. Think of it as the captain of the Madden Marathon.

      This mode is part of the free update on PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One. Even if you don't have Madden 20, you can try it as part of the free trial on the weekend of September 5th to 9th. If you feel good, you can continue to support the official website and continue to purchase MUT 20 Coins at GameMS.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "'Path of Exile' Beginner's Guide and Tips" geschrieben. 17.09.2019

      Nothing is better than a great ARPG, and almost anyone can sink into it. Illustration: Path of Exile. Although PoE does not necessarily have the delicate polishing and bite of Diablo III, it certainly can make up for it in terms of content.

      The Path of Exile was developed and published by Grinding Gear Games and can play on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. So, whether on the console or the desktop, you can end up buying the necessary POE Orbs and POE Currency. The hacker and slash game released in October 2013. Fast forward to nearly seven years, and the game continues to provide more for its fascinating fan base.

      Path of Exile has a lot of depth - it's shocking. Imagine that there are already 500 hours, but you still don't fully grasp the intricacies of the game. Even after an extended period, you can always learn new things and experience the thrill of discovery every time you cross the harsh landscape of Wraeclast. Path of Exile is not just a full-day game, but a unique item for the end of the game. Instead, it allows you to take exciting aspects such as speed agricultural maps and more. Thanks to this, a pure sense of accomplishment always exists because you get rewards for a long time in the game.

      Let us not forget the famous passive skill tree! It is a veritable spider web that contains 1,325 skills. These skills provide Path of Exile Currency and Passive Rewards for your character. The way it is, whenever you upgrade or complete specific tasks, you can assign skills and explore the vast possibilities offered by the tree as it expands. It is where the problem of personalization lies. Since all character classes share the same tree, you will start at a different location that matches your profession. Buildings are in the forums and guides. You can make multiple combinations in the passive skill tree; you can easily spend hours building interesting constructs for your character. Players may also need POE PS4 Currency and POE Xbox Currency in the build, and everyone should be ready.

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "lowns in Path of Exile: New Lootboxes split the PoE community" geschrieben. 11.09.2019

      Last Friday, Path of Exile's new league began to be successful, and each season, Blight will join the original cosmetics robbery box. However, the latest boxing theme - Dark Carnival - makes many players feel uncomfortable.

      The new POE Items include clown costumes and big tents that you can put in your hideout, but obviously, only a few players like it.

      Since the release of Lootboxes, Reddit and PoE forums have criticized for their new products. So Reddit user chrizoos wrote: "It's perfect, but it's also very inappropriate. What exactly? Nothing fits the PoE theme."

      Other Reddit users are happy to find the following text on the game homepage: "We are tired of the current trend of cartoon-style RPG games. The art direction of the Path of Exile is dark, gloomy, and realistic. We hope that Wraeclast is in our work. It's terrible."

      The official POE forum also has criticism. Shimaran wrote, "This is a seasonal April Fool's Day joke," concerning last year's critique of "Diablo Immortal." On the other hand, Angry_steel wants a way to avoid the city altogether so that he doesn't have to see "those things." However, it not only criticized the new Lootboxen. Reddit user Smarackto praised Grinding Gear Games for "exploring new themes, rather than simply adding the next heavy red and black armor."

      The Dark Carnival Box is not the first community to split the city in Path of Exile, nor the first cosmetic that can't purchase with Path of Exile Currency. As early as 2013, "Razer Footprints" was published in collaboration with Razer, leaving their role as the footprint of the small Razer logo. At that time, there were already many criticisms and a series of comments that developers called "short selling."

    • Yucca195 hat den Blog-Artikel "Path Of Exile's latest expansion, Blight, fades away" geschrieben. 09.09.2019

      The free game RPG Path Of Exile got a little tower defense in Blight, which is the latest extension released yesterday. There are a bunch of Spirit-controlled monsters to see, and the fortress will leave them in the bay and turn them into cute rewards that can use as fascinating oils. It allows the player to save a lot of POE Currency.

      In addition to NPC sister, Cassia will show bets and show some neat things her tower can do, such as frozen and shocked enemies, a mysterious anonymous developer explains other changes brought about by the expansion.

      Of course, in addition to the new projects the player might expect, the task is changing slightly so that the player can seek inner content without being forced to resolve the main content. Moreover, they are also changing the mechanisms of Necromancer, Assassin, and Destroyer. Whether the player likes to raise the dead or kill them, it is good news.

      Vid also mentioned casually that to get more skill bindings, it has an extra column added, which is the most enjoyable part of the whole story. Because this addition gives players more expectations, additionally they purchased more Path of Exile Currency.

      Path Of Exile: Blight is now out, so go there and get rid of those extra skills, or check out the full list of changes on the site.

    • Recently, Square Enix demonstrated the existence of its Final Fantasy XIV at the 2019 Tokyo Game Show, and there are many things to look forward to.

      On the last day of the Tokyo Game Show (September 15th), we will see the new live broadcast of the producer directly from the publisher's booth. We will get a confirmation letter from NieR: Automata director Yoko Taro and producer Yosuke Saito. Twenty-four people attacked YoRHa: the dark apocalypse they are working.

      This time, there will be activities specifically for new players, such as corners that help novices create accounts and another character that dedicated to creating characters and then partying. Of course, items purchased by FFXIV Gil will also be available, including pins that depict the expansion of Shadowbringers (dancers and shooters) and the new category logos introduced in the Blue Master. Besides, there will be a photo point, and Square Enix will distribute fans with cute Moogle faces around the booth. By the way, they are fans who should distribute at the Awa Dance Festival in Tokushima City, which canceled due to bad weather.

      If you are interested in the game (recently updated to version 5.05), you can read our comments on the latest extended version of Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers and our article explaining why it has the best story in all stories. Final Fantasy series. If you like role-playing, Square Enix recently released a new naming convention for the Viera and Hrothgar games.

      Last but not least, we recently heard that the development team is working to remove barriers between future data centers.

      Final Fantasy XIV is currently available for PS4 and PC. The Final Fantasy XIV Gil, which the player purchased on any device, can be used as long as the account number is the same.



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