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      Ten years part1 of the past World of Warcraft

      As of this year, the Warcraft series of movies ushered in his 25th birthday. In 1994, Blizzard first released Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, and based on this, created one of the largest series of games in the game world.

      Looking back at the history of Warcraft, we can know that in 2010 this is not the best decade in the history of Warcraft. In this series, we have seen some rough updates and interfaces in World of Warcraft, and even the existence of bugs and error logic in the game. But the players have a lot of game-derived versions of Legion, Mists of Pandaria, and World of Warcraft Classic to keep them moving in the game.

      Let us review the World of Warcraft in the past 10 years.
      World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (2010)
      World of Warcraft Cataclysm opened the first terrible decade of Warcraft in a wrong way. The original Wrath of the Lich King brought World of Warcraft to a new height, but after the Cataclysm, everything became different. The Cataclysm pulled down World of Warcraft, which had reached its peak, and brought everything back to the old world of Azeroth. But in order to increase the fun of the game, Blizzard destroyed a large number of Azeroth continents that players are very familiar with, and has since changed the game world forever.

      After the update of the Cataclysm, the players were surprised to find that a lot of characters in the original game are now very few. The only ones that have been removed are the characters, and the talent tree, which is replaced by a more direct system role selection. This may be the first step in Blizzard's attempt to make complex games simple and clear, but this practice has seriously affected the player's gaming experience. As a large number of game features became a thing of the past, he also added a search group feature, the purpose of this feature is to allow those like-minded players to find each other faster. And do dungeon missions or raids to gain more gaming experience with WOW Classic Gold.

      When it comes to raids, Cataclysm also happens in the final stage. In addition to being in the new open world, players don't have much to do. The last raid on the Wings of Death did not capture the illusion of fighting the coolest enemy in World of Warcraft.
      For some people, Cataclysm is still considered to be an information piece that almost destroyed World of Warcraft. The irony is that all this is to simplify the experience of World of Warcraft. Get the cheapest Vanilla WOW Gold quickly at https://www.zzwow.com/.

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      The new version of Warcraft 9.0 will lower everyone's level

      After 15 years of development, Blizzard released seven expansion plans in the middle. World of Warcraft has evolved from the savage game of the year to the super mmorpg game that is available all over the world today.

      The eighth extension of the game, Shadowlands, will introduce the "level compression" that developer Blizzard said. Since there are already many players in the game that have reached the level of 120, the level of those full players after the new version is updated will be reduced from the original 120 to 50. At the same time the game will start a new gaming experience. Let the player learn the basics in a whole new field and with other novices. Then, once they reach level 10, they will be released to level 50 in World of Warcraft's latest expansion pack, Battle of Azeroth, and learn the story so far. Once the level reaches level 50, they will be transferred to the new version of Shadow. The fair use of WOW Classic Gold can achieve a multiplier effect for players. The more Classic WOW Gold you buy now, the more discounts players get.

      This is a big change compared to previous progress. In the previous process, players experienced multiple expansions, some of which have not yet reached the expected development. Recently, the World of Warcraft team extended the level to an older area, allowing players to change the chronological order through the game space to the distant past. But this is still a problem that needs new players to solve, so this is why it is changing. Subscribe to the ZZWOW website news, not only to get discounts, but also unexpectedly receive surprise gifts.

      "World of Warcraft" executive producer John told Kotaku at the carnival: Through countless game tests, and through constant visits, we continue to understand that we have read all of our expansions, especially trying to have an average. Level of experience (is a daunting task). So some players may have never played World of Warcraft, or they have not played World of Warcraft for a long time. Players can choose to recreate a character and experience a different game world in the game. Not only your own experience, but also experience with other novices. You will naturally hope to build many sincere friendships and relationships in it. When you should learn the basics, you won't be disturbed by high-level players. ”

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      World of Warcraft Classic Design: Lich King

      "World of Warcraft" finally ushered in its 15-year-old birthday, Blizzard also deliberately produced the 15th anniversary of the player, the most concerned about the player is the PVE anniversary group. Not only because it can get the same wing of the "Death Wings", it also integrates the classic stage of 9 BOSS into the game, players can relive the past battles, whether it is the TBC for three years of expedition, or the WLK that is particularly late. Or the CTM, which has been criticized, has left a good memory for every player. In this group of activities, the most talked about by the players is the "Lich King." Classic WOW Gold can help players exchange World of Warcraft classics. If you don't have enough gold, you can still enjoy the discount now.

      The Lich King's classics don't just exist in the game. Even many players who have never played World of Warcraft know the Lich King. This is the charm of the Lich King. When more than a decade ago, when Blizzard made Warcraft, it used a whole Warcraft 3 feature film to tell the story of the Lich King. The Lich King grew up step by step from the prince of Lordaeron. He experienced all kinds of hardships and convictions in the middle. He finally became king in front of the Ice Throne, became the new master of the Scourge, and led the entire continent of Azeroth. Then he wrote a sequel to his story in World of Warcraft, whether it was assigned to Kel'Thuzad to guard Naxxramas in the 1960s, or to tell his atrocities in Quel'Thalas in the 1970s. In short, he has always been Blizzard. Soul character.

      Subsequently, Blizzard used a piece of information to push him to the climax. In the territory of World of Warcraft, every regional mission, every raid will involve the Lich King. Some tell him how he fell, scourge one side of the land, and some tell his success. All in all, all the descriptions are for the final piece of information to describe - the fall of the Lich King.

      At the summit of the Icecrown Citadel, before the Frozen Throne, the Lich King quietly waited for his fate. This battle has also been designed by Blizzard to be very classic. Whether it is every detail or plot setting, the player is tightened to each nerve. After more than ten minutes of fighting, the Lich King will kill with a hit. ", kill all the players. Mmowts is a trusted store and a store for the best purchase of WOW Classic Gold. If you want to seize the opportunity in the game, the early investment will help you a lot. Click https://www.mmowts.com/ to view event details.

      Time flies, and the gap is white. The time of fifteen years has changed a lot, but it can't cover up feelings! World of Warcraft is old, but in the hearts of every player, he is always the best in the past.

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      15 years of Warcraft veteran player's review 2

      Later, based on my experience in the game, I personally feel that the structure of the character has not changed much. My DPS rotation is the same as the rotation in the Battle of Azeroth. But we have a year away from the release. Past update experiences tell us that many tiny details can be revised in the coming months. No one can wait until the official version comes online, and the game details will change.

      As usual, Blizzard's achievements in game graphics have always been difficult for other manufacturers to compare. A striking fortress, a beautiful sky without borders. The banners are realistically waved in the wind, and those fascinating game characters are places where players can't resist Warcraft. Blizzard engineers used the details of each animation to tell the players how beautiful their designs are. I was surprised by the fact that the original World of Warcraft performed so well on high-end PCs as it was first introduced in 2004. WOW Classic Power Leveling can help players solve difficult tasks, and now purchase can also reduce part of the amount.

      In a way, this is an early exploration experience, but in the end it can be implemented into the user experience. This will be another answer, not the final experience. So I still have doubts about the final result, and I still don't know much about the new gameplay. In the new version, I have a game mode called "Contract". In fact, he is the new Shadowlands. "Command Hall", similar to the "battle" or "garrison" system. I don't have much time to get to know this story. Even though I have seen enough, if you like the recent extension of World of Warcraft, you might like this too. (As far as I am concerned, I am very happy that we can get a brief respite from the alliance story of the Alliance and the Horde.)

      But the most interesting thing that Blizzard changed was not part of my demo.

      To be frank, my most interesting aspect of Shadowlands is the overhaul of the upgrade system - which is largely not part of this demo. This broke the rules of hands-on articles, but I want to take this opportunity to talk about it and why I think it is interesting.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Every version of Warcraft has a classic shadow" geschrieben. 08.11.2019

      Every version of Warcraft has a classic shadow

      If you are a big fan of Blizzard, you must have heard a lot of news about the new version of World of Warcraft. Maybe some people will think that the new version of the design will re-use the classic version of the retro picture. However, this is not the case. The current World of Warcraft is still under development. Designers are designing a new version of World of Warcraft with reference to the classic design blueprint.

      The general manager of World of Warcraft believes that the system of World of Warcraft reveals some basic facts. Hight is especially inspired by Classic's way of promoting social connections and spontaneous collaboration between players.

      In an interview with Blizzard, he told reporters that it was a rewarding experience to see people having fun together, even in the absence of rules. "You can stand in front of everyone, click on this box and run away." However, you will see people line up because everyone is polite to each other. This social system - if you help me, I will help you - this is a classic resonance, it tells us that you don't need to beat someone else's head to let them understand things. It is best for them to talk to each other and help each other. A little bit of complexity is ok, a little friction is fine, as long as you have a good social system to support it. ”

      The retail version of the World of Warcraft development team is trying to figure out some ways to get the current development team out of the woods, because the development team of the new version of the shadow area is currently in trouble.

      At the same time, he often likes Classic's world look and design capabilities. He believes that in both cases, World of Warcraft's reincarnation ancestors did a good job of encouraging players to get out of the old road, whether it meant exploring the world for exploration or using the ability that was not always at its peak.

      The director said: "As a designer, people's love for World of Warcraft classics has inspired me. So when we consider the character design and regional design of the shadow, we will ask ourselves: 'We can do something What is going to change the current situation?" Now on the MMOWTS website is holding a limited time to buy World of Warcraft gold, welcome players who need to buy.

      He hopes that the world of Shadows will make players feel super immersed and try to bring more intuitive feelings to players.

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      Blizzard Carnival presents a surprise gift

      In order to celebrate the 15th anniversary of World of Warcraft, Blizzard released the classic version of World of Warcraft earlier this year, the significance of which is to resurrect the original version, so that the old players can find the original feeling. Now, as part of the ongoing birthday party, Blizzard has allowed World of Warcraft players to relive the classic encounters in the previous expansion: Burning Crusade, Wrath of the Lich King, Cataclysm.

      These limited-time raids called "Azeroth's Memories" were only held during the 15th anniversary. Players need to log in, enter the Raid Finder, and wait in line for the Raid they choose. Those who successfully complete all three raids will receive the Obsidian World Destroyer. What I want to say here is that the Obsidian World Destroyer is something that many players dream of, and it is very rare in the game.

      Anniversary colleagues allow the player to return to the Alterac Valley battlefield. If you complete the old achievements of the Alterac Valley, you will receive two new mounts: Storm Spear Fighting Sheep (Alliance) and Frostwolf Growler (Tribe) ).

      As an extra gift, those who log in to Azeroth and fight will receive a cute fighting pet called "Lil’ Nefarian". This celebration package also includes a fireworks that can be used multiple times and a prop that can quickly transfer you to the time cave, but keep in mind that these items can only be used during the event, so try it now.

      The event will begin today and will continue in the United States and Europe until January 7 and January 8. More information about the celebration can be found on the official blog of World of Warcraft. The event will begin today and will continue in the United States and Europe until January 7 and January 8. More information about the celebration can be found on the official blog of World of Warcraft. Players who need low-cost World of Warcraft can go to https://www.mmowts.com/ to buy, the cheapest price, fast delivery will be your reason! I have also bought it here, and I am very satisfied with face-to-face transactions.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "During the 15 years, Blizzard added more races." geschrieben. 06.11.2019

      During the 15 years, Blizzard added more races.

      In World of Warcraft: Shadow Continental, Blizzard has launched a new set of character customization options, including more skin tones and face options, which will eventually allow players to create a more racially different list of heroes. But why spend 15 years to complete this process?

      Although there are some people with dark skin, in general, if you want to make your responsibility very dark, you can only let white people go to the sun. World of Warcraft will give you a list of faces for you to choose, rather than letting you shape it yourself.

      According to insiders who are generally unwilling to be named, it has been a long time since Blizzard changed this, because Blizzard has been busy following up with the new version of the changes, and even has no time and human resources to do these things. Senior producer MB told reporters that "a real problem with making video games is that we must be clear about where we spend our resources." If there is no need for input at this stage, we will certainly avoid wasting resources and unnecessary expenditures. “We have time and money spent on roles and art, but before we have to measure whether it is worth it.”

      For many game characters, the character model has been beautifully upgraded in HD, making them look very beautiful and fresh. But unfortunately, this does not help the diversity of Azeroth. Players need more than just the diversity of the characters in the game. They also need more interesting links and more exciting bosses! Instead of these now useless characters to customize the image. Now players don't need to waste a lot of time to get Warcraft Gold. Buying World of Warcraft Gold at https://www.mmowts.com/ is not only affordable, but also guarantees fast online delivery without worry.

      But the official team will be here: "On the contrary, what we do is reshape the faces of these characters to match the specific ethnic background. It takes time, but we want to do it well. The most important thing is that we want to Make sure this makes sense in our games."

      Instead, what we want to do is to reshape these game characters. Match it to a specific ethnic background. During this time, we want to do it better. Even beyond the previous image, more importantly we want to make sure that this makes sense in our games.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Classic WOW novice guide: part1" geschrieben. 05.11.2019

      Classic WOW novice guide: part1

      Treating the classic dungeon of World of Warcraft is a terrible job. He needs players to maintain a high degree of concentration and awareness but also needs a wealth of quick thinking skills to solve problems quickly. You never know how much damage an ally will get, when it will be hurt, or if an enemy sneak attacks on your team, you don't even know who it will hit. But if you have the courage to heal the injured players or allies, then dozens of DPS characters will struggle for this coveted opportunity, and you will have no difficulty.

      If you are willing to learn, we will guide you to the World of Warcraft classic treatment role for your use, and how to master their skills, the first study is a matter of attention. If you are tired of the upgrade, you can use the WOW Classic Power Leveling service, which can help you quickly upgrade the level in a short period of time, and will not have any impact on your account.

      Pastor Therapist's Guide

      In the World of Warcraft classic, the priest is a more specific treatment profession, he is a comprehensive healer, he can not only get a lot of treatment, but also get a lot of shields and gains. But the priest can only use cloth, so if a mob escapes the control of the tank, the mob will be more hurt. And they must fight with other casters to get the dropped gear. Literally, efforts to reduce spells to cope with changing needs and mana protection sound difficult, but the slow introduction of this approach does not stop newcomers.

      When treating your first dungeon, you should get two abilities at the same time: Shield and Power Word. You will want to keep Fortitude up on the tank, especially for extra HP.

      Power Word: The shield gives a certain amount of damage immunity and counteracts spell counterattacks. If a mob is stripped from a larger group, try to avoid this. This way, you can keep the tank full.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "World of Warcraft: The Shadow of the Earth expansion plan has been confirmed." geschrieben. 05.11.2019

      World of Warcraft: The Shadow of the Earth expansion plan has been confirmed.

      "World of Warcraft: The Land of Shadows" is in the midst of intensive production, all because the windrunner Sylvanas does not believe in the rule of the Lich King. During the Blizzard Carnival, the movies and trailers of the Shadow Land have been oriented to the public, and most players are aware of what is going to happen next, which naturally caused a strong discussion among the players. And the trailer outlines what drives the players into the afterlife, and what happens when the players arrive at the intended location.

      Sylvanas talked about the trailer and lamented the rule of the Lich King, who thought the Lich King was a "tamper." Before attacking the Lich King, she warned: "There is no eternal king. The Lich King stands up from the throne, and his red eyes quickly become cold blue. In these two battles, The Lich King used the surrounding environment to deal with Sylvanas, but the Queen of the Banshee prevailed and took away his crown and power. "This power will become your prison," the former king warned. The world is a prison. I will let all of us be free," Sylvanas announced, opening the door to the afterlife in the sky above the ice city.

      The feature overview trailer released at Blizzard's show fully introduces every detail of the Shadow Land. At the same time, four new areas were introduced in the game: Revendreth, Ardenweald, Maldraxxus and Bastion. Players also see what it would be like when they were asked to commit to one of the contracts that govern each region.

      Blizzard's game director Hazzikostas introduced the details of Revendreth to the players in detail during the carnival. According to his description: Revendreth is a castle built by Gothic architecture in a dark secret place, and is ruled by Covenant Venthyr, Ardenweald is a magical mysterious forest, ruled by Night Fae, Maldraxxus is the base of the castle, Bastion is Prepared for those who are orderly and purposeful. They are looking forward to getting rid of the burden of the past and seeking a better life.

      The covenant you choose will lead you through a unique battle and have unique abilities, so be careful to choose where you are loyal. The expansion pack also sets a new level cap of 60, seeing the current maximum player entering the new Undead World at level 50. Click on https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold to buy World of Warcraft gold coins to help you quickly upgrade in the game.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Classic wow: The new version of the leak makes me look forward to" geschrieben. 04.11.2019

      Classic wow: The new version of the leak makes me look forward to

      I am a member of the game tester and are responsible for systematic testing and demos of games released on the market. I have been paying attention to World of Warcraft classics for a long time. At the end of August this year, Blizzard officially released the World of Warcraft classics. I still can't forget the scene at the time. Because of Blizzard's huge appeal, the players of this game are too Much, so within the week of the release, tens of thousands of old players have returned to the game, they are crowded in the initial position of the game, and you have to queue for a long time every time you log in. Sometimes it is even a few hours. This situation once made me crazy.

      Despite this, I spent a lot of time in the game, and my dwarf priest took eight days in the game, but I still didn't reach level 60, even though I am already level 55. I feel like I have played World of Warcraft many times, but I still have a lot to do. Now my friend has been at the 60th level for several weeks and is committed to exploring the final chapter of the game. Play against powerful bosses like Onyxia and Ragnaros. For them, my progress in the game is very slow. For someone who wants to spend a lot of time in World of Warcraft while still taking care of the test, I have to say that I have done a good job.

      But even if I only have level 54, I am still curious about the future of World of Warcraft, especially the snowstorm in California. This is the third time I have participated in the Carnival in Blizzard, and I was very surprised by the many news released at this year's Carnival. I am looking forward to more news such as "Watching Pioneer 2" and "Diablo 4", but to be honest, I don't expect too much for Warcraft Classics.

      The classic was launched in August this year, which is a huge success for Blizzard. But personally think Blizzard may be more focused on the modern version of World of Warcraft. The leaks of the previous new versions show that Blizzard's main focus is around World of Warcraft. I used to get a little bit of World of Warcraft gold because I spent a lot of time doing the task, and it was not enough for me to use in the game. Later, I bought a lot of Warcraft gold at a very low price on https://www.zzwow.com/, which surprised me a lot. With the help of these golds, I exchanged a lot of useful weapons and equipment.

      I hope that the official can maintain a little more about the maintenance of World of Warcraft classics, and perhaps announce the release date of the next black-wing nest. A new version will be pushed in the near future.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "About the difference between Retail and Classic WOW" geschrieben. 02.11.2019

      About the difference between Retail and Classic WOW

      In some of my past articles about World of Warcraft, some people asked me why I didn’t delve into Retail and
      The difference between Classic. The reason why I don’t do this is that once I start to understand the two games differently, I will face a series of problems. Once I start to sort out the differences, there are many differences that need to be sorted out, so that after some consideration, I realized that I had to divide the article into several parts. In short, there is no redundant way to express the changes that WoW has experienced in its development, and there is no other way to explore the differences between content and communities.

      One thing I want to point out is that I am not strictly speaking from a nostalgic point of view. Last year, I convinced my playmates to try World of Warcraft for the first time and recommend other game characters to him. I have already had the experience of Retail WOW. From then on, I have not changed much about Retail WOW. Doing this in two different versions of the same character profession, let me know more about how the Paladin changes, playing classics reminds me of the memory of the age of 15 - but this is not Change my opinion on Retail WOW. Now go to the World of Warcraft Halloween event, all players can get World of Warcraft gold discount, click https://www.mmowts.com/ to participate in the event.

      I understand why Blizzard is making changes to World of Warcraft and why it needs to be changed, but I hope Blizzard can take the time to analyze the fact that 15 years of game memory provides a better entry experience than current games. I am not saying that WoW must evolve to Vanilla to make it more attractive to players, but the current Retail WOW experience is not good enough. Compared to the original game, it feels empty and there is no difficulty in the game. It can be said that the starting point of Retail WOW's game is too low, and it needs to add some difficulty. This means that I don't want to expect it like I enjoy Classic wow.

      I am very happy to return to the classics - to be honest, this is more happy than I had imagined. As I enter the final stage, the situation may change. It is unclear whether the druids, shamans and paladins will do better in the non-therapeutic effect of 2019 than in mid-2004. And many mixed players are dissatisfied with World of Warcraft because of this limitation. The classic "World of Warcraft" has a balance problem at the end of the game, and these issues are not obvious when upgrading. When I focus on reviewing the details of the game while playing the game, I can always recall these questions very well.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Why Classic WoW upgrades are more interesting part2" geschrieben. 01.11.2019

      Why Classic WoW upgrades are more interesting part2

      When Blizzard made "World of Warcraft", he designed this other version that is simple to use. It was designed to make it easier for players to reach the highest level and retain some characters called "alts". At the same time, it expands the other character categories in the game and introduces a new starting point area or experience, giving players the power to constantly hit higher levels. Although it is entirely possible to use a different area in World of Warcraft (and therefore have a different experience) to create a character, some players have long been accustomed to it.

      Players have been pushing Blizzard to make upgrading faster and easier. When the vast majority of people are playing the final stages of the game, letting the player explore a series of dungeons to reach the highest level in an acceptable time will only make them completely give up the game. As far as I know, all of Blizzard's changes to the upgrade stem from a desire, even if it's easier for people to upgrade the game to the 10th role instead of the first. Players have been pushing these changes around, because no one really likes to browse the exact same content in the 10th or 15th. If players feel that Classic WoW is too difficult, you can use WOW Classic Boosting to help you upgrade quickly.

      This makes perfect sense, but the end result is an unqualified experience. So far, from 1-20, Retail WoW has almost no difficulty. Classic WoW is not particularly difficult by default, but you can play it in a way that extends your abilities. The wide availability of hobbyists and the difficulty of higher-level content are grouped in a way that Retail WoW does not need. Browse ZZWOW for more World of Warcraft gold discounts. Save your money and make you stronger in the game!

      Currently, two things are good:
      Compared to the current Retail WoW, the WoW Classic community is more active, polite, fun and enjoyable.
      I'm not sure if I can think that this makes the WoW Classic community "better" in any way.
      I will be the first to recognize that the current community atmosphere of World of Warcraft is more interesting than anything I have seen in Retail WoW for many years. People are getting together, playing together, and being very polite. Chat is full of ridicule about what is called "Deadmines" or "Van Cleef", not political debate. The discussion of Chuck Norris and the vanilla game mechanic dominated the chat.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "WoW Classic vs WoW Retail:part2" geschrieben. 31.10.2019

      WoW Classic vs WoW Retail:part2

      The higher the level, the harder it is to upgrade
      The biggest difference between the Retail version and the Classic version is the basic difficulty of the game. The Classic version of World of Warcraft is really hard, especially when you are playing against players of similar ranks. It is very common to have monsters in the 3-5 team battle. A Paladin can kill 3 monsters between 1 and 20, but with 5 monsters at the same level as normal equipment, you will be in danger. The mobs are often crowded together and multiply without warning. Since the creatures in the classic version of World of Warcraft have their own independent levels, you can adjust the difficulty of the game according to the choice of different game locations. A place with a low monster level will help you complete the task, and a place with a high monster level will help you upgrade the level. It will be very difficult to play in an area where the task is orange or red. In general, there are fewer tasks, and you may need to travel long distances (or just kill monsters) to complete a level and browse through more content. In the "classic", I have to be careful about the mobs to pull out and their relative to my level. I also have to make sure that I have mastered the mana and health values before the multi-rape fight, and I have to heal every time I contact. In the Retail version, I almost never stop eating and drinking. Every time vanilla Warcraft gold is insufficient, I will go to https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold to buy, and the price will not be very expensive, the transaction is fast. This makes me very fond of it.

      In the World of Warcraft Retail version, all creatures are at the same level as you. They have poor life points and you can slowly attack them. This level of monsters means that the game provides a flat difficulty curve. However, in the classic World of Warcraft, there are some tasks that are extremely difficult. In the Retail version, the task difficulty is static and stays at the original level. The difference in the difficulty of this kind of task is part of the reason why the Retail version and the Classic version of Warcraft are different on the upgrade level. But in the Retail version of Warcraft, there are more tasks waiting for the players to challenge. These tasks are concentrated in the same area to make it easier to find, highlight task items, and have more moving points in the early areas. When you don't have a mount, these flying points are shown in bold gold.

      In the classic version of World of Warcraft, if I see someone escaping from a group of enemies, it is because they are about to die. In the Retail World of Warcraft, if someone is chased by a group of enemies, it is because they gather to carry out more effective slaughter. If I had to find a difference in the two games that caught the essence of the game, that's it.

      Classic is not necessarily a challenge, but you can play it if you like. The upgrade of the game version of the World of Warcraft is not challenging. The only exception was when I walked into the death mine (a copy of 5 people) and started killing the elite monsters alone. If you try 1v1 early in the game, then the classic version of the gold elite will be more suitable for you. In the Classic version, I have to be careful to choose the monster that suits my level. Otherwise, if I choose a higher level monster, the game character will die very badly. But in the Retail version of World of Warcraft, I don't have to worry about it all.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "The difficulty of Warcraft classic game is greatly improved" geschrieben. 30.10.2019

      The difficulty of Warcraft classic game is greatly improved

      At first glance, WOW classic meets the trend of major entertainment companies re-released more than a decade ago. Some experts commented: in the nostalgic situation, you can regain your memory. Or you can choose to trap yourself in a space that is not bothered. The appeal of World of Warcraft is to provide players with the feeling of playing games in memory and a long-lost reunion. Click https://www.zzwow.com/ Learn more about Halloween events.

      Efficient use of time play does not exist with Warcraft Classic

      The debate about who is more fun about Warcraft Classics and Warcraft Retail Edition varies from player to player. Some people prefer simple art styles and uncomplicated game mechanics. But the current consensus among players is that Warcraft Classic is higher in game difficulty. The hard part of the game is not that you need to perform a lot of operations, but that all the operations in Classic take a long time. It took you a few minutes to get from one event to another, and it took an hour to find multiple players to complete the dungeon group mission. It took 45 minutes to complete the group mission. Full and effective use of time does not exist in Warcraft Classic. If you want to raise the game level to 60 (the upper limit of the game), at least you need to spend more than 200 hours to play World of Warcraft. Even if you upgrade your game as a full-time job and work 40 hours a week, you still need to spend more than a month to upgrade your account level to full level.

      On the surface, this approach seems very stupid. But in the game, this is the best way for the player to feel the reward. The fun of the classic Warcraft is to spend hundreds of hours repeating the same thing over and over again. At least in the eyes of others, it seems extremely boring and boring.

      Over the years, Blizzard has made many changes to World of Warcraft. Therefore, players do not need to spend dozens of hours per week in the game, they can enjoy the minimum service provided by the game. With the Dungeon Finder, players can simply open the game menu and pair with other players in a matter of seconds. Improved task management handles all challenge tasks in a timely manner and tells the player where they are and how many enemies to kill. When you feel that WOW Classic Gold is not enough, click on ZZWOW to purchase. Buy now and have a discount! As the mechanics of the game become more complex, Blizzard makes the game "easier" by reducing the player's confusion in the game.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "THE ORIGINAL WORLD OF WARCRAFT" geschrieben. 29.10.2019


      The most important thing about World of Warcraft Classic is his interface, the overall beauty, the system task is exactly the same as the NPC and the World of Warcraft in my memory, even the bugs in the game are preserved. The highly restored World of Warcraft classics allows players to return to the original game world again. After continuous maintenance and update, the game as a whole becomes more stable and smooth, which is an improvement that is worth encouraging, and the game itself is as close as possible to the original version. I have been playing World of Warcraft for 15 years, and I am worried that the original game is too simple. But the opposite is true: the difficulty of the classic version has made the old players very happy.

      The game system is much simpler than the modern World of Warcraft - in battles, such as interruptions, cleaning/dissipating, or moving in order to avoid skills in the original game, there is no need to think too much - and in terms of talent selection, etc. It is much more complicated. If you find the game very difficult, you can use WOW Classic Power Leveling to help you upgrade the level.

      At the very beginning of the game, killing monsters or killing enemies is very difficult, exactly the same as in my memory. First of all, the monsters become stronger than before, they are harder to kill than before, and they will not choose to escape in the face of the player's attack, and it will become more fierce to fight face-to-face with the players directly. So they often go beyond the players. The high hit rate has a meaningful change for being able to focus on monsters. Buying Classic WOW Gold now is 8% cheaper, which is very friendly for old players! Come and join.

      Chat with other players and explore each other. It is known that they are still very different from the Warcraft in memory and the current Warcraft classics. They said that everything has become similar but still different. But there is actually a huge change in one element: the player himself.

      Relatively speaking, as early as 2004, many of these players were children. Many of them now have their own children. When some areas of "World of Warcraft" become too crowded to allow players to get the tasks they need this week, they will choose to line up in the game so that everyone can get what they need in turn. monster. In a sense, it is the right thing to give up a little freedom so that everyone can spend a good time.

      It was an adult act, trying to get rid of the chaos, which was not proven 15 years ago. At the time we were still young, the game was new, and if your hunter hits the target faster than my priest, you can usually get rewards. But this is too bad for me. Most players seem to want everyone to have the same good times as they are now, at least when they are released.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Some predictions for the upcoming BlizzCon 2019" geschrieben. 28.10.2019

      Some predictions for the upcoming BlizzCon 2019

      After the BlizzCon 2018, Blizzard's performance did not bring much surprise to both the players and the market. The market response was flat and the fans were greatly reduced. In such a controversy, Blizzard also tried to find a breakthrough. In the next BlizzCon 2019, Blizzard is trying to surprise the players.

      Will the next updated version of World of Warcraft be?

      For this guess, most of the loyal gamers think it should be Long Island or Shadow, or both may appear in the next version. For hardcore World of Warcraft players, these predictions are not exciting, because with their knowledge of Blizzard, it has been able to determine the general update direction of the next version. Considering the direction of the Battle of Azeroth is amazing, N'Zoth has now been released to the scourge, and dragons like Wrathion will be the focus of the next patch. If you are currently lacking World of Warcraft gold, you can purchase it by clicking https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold. There are also special offers waiting for you to participate.

      For those who have no experience, there are rumors that "Little Dragon Island" is a temple built for the ancient gods (such as N'Zoth), which should have been included in the burning expedition. They were replaced until the Battle of Azeroth. Look for their whereabouts with Wrathion, the Black Dragon Prince. Considering that the main continent of World of Warcraft has been completely mapped, forcing recent expansions to occur on lost islands, which are easy to find.

      But there are still some messages that are known to be deliberately leaked, causing players to stubbornly believe that "The Land of Shadows" may also be the background of the latest expansion. This alternate plane of existence is the realm of death and decay, a leak this summer shows that the land of shadows will be the boundary of the new war between the old gods and the remnants of the Alliance and the Horde, all of which are in a war. Was killed.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "What to pay attention to in Warcraft" geschrieben. 25.10.2019

      What to pay attention to in Warcraft

      Kill other players: PVP and PVM mode
      Unlike the retail version of Warcraft, players can open PVP and PVM modes at will, and the classic Warcraft server is divided into the original game layout. Some layouts can use PVP mode, while some can't. At the same time, on the server designated by PVP, players may be attacked by other players at any time, unless you are in some designated shelters. But in the PVE server, you can only attack other players in battle.

      Specific PvP battlefields or arenas, or specific areas of World of Warcraft, specifically allow PvP or player to fight against anyone, such as the Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale.

      Choose your communication language

      In Europe, different server languages are different, but English is still the mainstay. At the time of this writing, Warcraft Classic has a total of 8 servers for German players, 4 for France and 4 for Russia, although it seems likely to add more servers. In the US and the Pacific, all servers are used by English players. But players often choose the right server based on their time zone. Because this will help you to have more players to accompany you while playing the game.

      Decide whether to play the role
      Most of the servers in Warcraft Classic are not role-playing servers, which means that if you want to play role-playing with other players, this may not be a mainstream game mode. Players are committed to living through their characters, which usually have background stories and specific speaking styles. Role-playing activities, including ongoing mutual story creations and large-scale events, are common. Your name must be in the character, which means that if you give yourself a name that breaks the civilized game, other players can successfully report you. If you post content that doesn't match your personality in a chat on some channels, they will do the same. https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold is a professional game currency website that offers players a large number of price-priced Warcraft coins.

      Avoid tramps
      Because it can't be played across servers, it has had a huge impact on specific areas of the classic. Not only do they attract more players into the field, they increase the number of people and increase the potential login queue, and they may also participate in some competitive open world content with these people. This means that more people are vying for world resources.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Suggestions for players of WOW classic (2)" geschrieben. 24.10.2019

      Suggestions for players of WOW classic (2)

      3. Learn one or two skills

      Skills can help you make gold, and they are also a great way to make equipment. When you arrive in Azeroth to start your adventure, you can use your skills to avoid unnecessary trouble. It is recommended that you do some research and analysis before you try. Choosing the right skills can make you do more with less. For example, choosing Skinning and Leatherworking will not make hunters wrong, because these skills can help you make leather and weaponry. Other good combinations include Enchanting and Tailoring, as well as the blacksmith and mining industry. Click on MMOWTS to view more information about Warcraft Gold.

      4: Don't buy all the skills

      You should visit your skill trainer after every two levels. But this does not mean that every skill is suitable for you to learn. Players should first carefully evaluate what skills they need and then consider which new skills to unlock. It is necessary to take a few minutes to learn about specific character guides in order to understand the priority of unlocking those skills and have more experience to improve your skills in the future.

      5: If you can, create an organization
      Although the first 10 levels in World of Warcraft are very easy, you still have to work with other players to complete the task. Even if it is a non-elite mission, it will be very difficult for you to fight alone. Especially when the enemy is concentrated in an area. If you are in a group, then this situation will be different. Because the probability of these tasks is very low, but once you consider that you can easily complete the task in the group, it is worthwhile to join the guild with your friends. https://www.mmowts.com/wow-classic-gold is a website that sells game currency. Players can safely buy World of Warcraft gold here. Ultra-low price, fast delivery is the reason you expect.

      6: Use shortcut keys to help you step faster

      Although the game's default shortcuts are perfectly fine, if you're used to playing the retail version of World of Warcraft, or if you're completely unfamiliar with Azeroth, it's highly recommended that you use shortcuts. Under these combinations of keyboards, you can quickly release different skills or switch heroes. Click on a button to quickly open the item you want to open. Not only does he save a lot of time during the war, but he also makes your operations simple and easy to use.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "World of Warcraft classic fishing skills" geschrieben. 23.10.2019

      World of Warcraft classic fishing skills

      Just learning to fish is not enough, then teach you how to improve the fishing technology.
      In the World of Warcraft classics, the ability to improve fishing is very simple, all you need to do is to fish in the right waters.
      When you first learn this skill, all players are level 1 and after a period of training, a small number of players can reach full level -300. Because of the different grades, the waters that can be used will also be different. The higher the level of the players when they are fishing, the better the waters will be, and the higher the level of fish caught.

      As your skills continue to improve, all you need to do is try to explore different waters. So try to give yourself some encouragement. The game team will plan different fishing skills in each space of World of Warcraft, so that you will always know the ideal place to improve.

      The best fishing rod and bait in World of Warcraft classics
      If you are working hard to fish, or often see the text message "Your fish is running", it may be time to replace a better fishing rod and use a better bait.
      Fishing in the most basic waters often runs off the hooked fish. If you want to increase the chance of the fish hooking and will not run away, all you need to do is buy one from any merchant who sells the fishing gear. A good fishing rod, or trying Arcanite in the Bay of Stranglethorn, will keep your skills up.

      As for the bait, the price sold by each merchant will be different. Mainly depends on communication with the merchant. In general, the sparkling bait does not attract large fish, and the hydrodynamic lure is often the most expensive and best bait. Now that you know all the knowledge about fishing in the classic game of World of Warcraft, you can go fishing, catch some fish, and earn some gold! (But the task of earning gold in Warcraft is very time consuming, it is recommended that players Click on https://www.ffwow.com/ to buy a lot of cheap gold, and it can save you a lot of time and make you more involved in the game.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "World of Warcraft's first new underground city" geschrieben. 22.10.2019

      World of Warcraft's first new underground city

      Since the release of "World of Warcraft Classic" by Blizzard in August, the first update of the Warcraft Classic has arrived. The new dungeon of "The Doom of Doom" was officially released on the 15th of this month. For this update, more is the cheers and climax of the old players. Because these old players have mostly started playing World of Warcraft more than a decade ago, witnessing that World of Warcraft has become mature and perfect step by step.

      Warcraft Classic has restored Blizzard and its popular mmo game to a very primitive state. This has aroused the interest of many new players. The influx of a large number of players has made the old players look at the early World of Warcraft experience, but also attracted the attention of new players.

      The original version of Warcraft is actually quite different in its entire life cycle, but this does not affect the addition and update of new features. Its modern retail version of the game is similar to the classic version of the game in every upgrade.

      For the classic version of the game, Blizzard has planned a follow-up update for each step at the beginning of World of Warcraft. The official game team roughly divided the update of the classic version into six phases, the structure and the current progress of the current retail version of the game. Very similar.

      Dire Maul is a five-person dungeon found in Feralas designed for 58-60 players, offering some of the most powerful equipment players can find before a raid. In addition to the new drop, Dire Maul also offers some valuable props to power the player before the raid. In fact, this updated dungeon was originally launched along with the second part, while the second part of the online line is expected to include some new things, such as: world leaders Azuregos and Kazzak, and PvP and PvP level rewards. Honor system. However, the version of "The Doom" has now officially released as players, and the rest of the second phase will not be released at the end of this year at the latest.

      Blizzard has yet to announce a specific timeline for each content phase of World of Warcraft, but as the first game progresses rapidly in the first two years before the first expansion of the Burning Crusade, Classic will follow a similar timeline. For more information on equipment and Warcraft Gold, please click https://www.ffwow.com/.



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