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    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "World of Warcraft 8.3 Great Illusion Raiders" geschrieben. 22.01.2020

      A few days ago, World of Warcraft version 8.3 was officially launched. One of the new gameplays, "Stunning Phantom", surprises players. The "Phantom Phantom", which is called the big phantom, is one of the core gameplay of the new version. The new challenge, along with the players' requirements for upgrading the cloak level, the big illusion has become a place that Warcraft players must go. To challenge the big illusion more efficiently, not only need enough World of Warcraft Classic Gold. Weapons and equipment also need clear and effective route planning in order to get more benefits before the sanity value is exhausted.

      Pioneer players have tried and shared the route of Dark Lane District-Valley of Honor-Spirit Valley-Thrall. Let's take a look at the "landscape" along this route and gain some experience for your own illusion challenge Right.

      Dark Lane District-Valley of Honor-Spirit Valley-Thrall This route focuses on the third-level area on the right, the Valley of Honor Lexar. After entering the door, players need to respond quickly and choose to jump to the Saar room, which is to clear the monsters in front of the BOSS door in the main area, then walk along the auction house all the way to the intersection, open the door and enter the second level area on the right. There is not much blood in the gatekeeper here, you can directly take out the mobs in cooperation with the outbreak, and then remember to talk to the orc Garona to open the mission goal: open 5 doors.

      After receiving the mission, clean up the door monsters in turn and open the door. This is not difficult. After that, you will see the small boss after all the doors are opened. After solving the small boss, the boss in this area will be activated, cooperate with the outbreak and the McCacon red card, It is possible to quickly resolve the battle and go to the Valley of Honor in the 3rd level. The Honor Valley affix needs to avoid the fan-shaped black water that is cast in stages, and then you can find the BOSS Rexar with a number of wild boars. Lexar itself seems to have stun skills. With a set of explosions, Lexar can lose his life. After that, he can choose the fighting method. The core is to kill the body faster to save time.

      After knocking out Lexar, interacting with this teleporter can quickly return to the main area doorway without any impact. The next step is the second level zone on the left. From the main zone to the second level zone on the left, pay attention to the direction. The left entrance and the right entrance, do not run in the opposite direction. The second area on the left is mainly to save people. Remember to detonate the bomb in the yellow circle after the fight. Entering the BOSS battle in this area, the BOSS will intermittently cast the silence skill. You need to eat the light ball shown in the red circle as soon as possible to unlock the silence. This number of light balls corresponds to the number of challengers. This BOSS is not difficult to see at present. Because of the limitation of sane value, you must pay attention to the time consuming. After you quickly kill it, you can choose to return to the main area quickly to solve the main area BOSS sal. Thrall BOSS battle is not difficult. Pay attention to avoiding the position. As far as the current information is concerned, it can be easily solved.

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    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "wow8.3 usher in the first update maintenance" geschrieben. 21.01.2020

      A few days ago, World of Warcraft launched the update of the 8.3 version mode. After a period of player trials, the first online maintenance and repair is now started. During this period, a large number of bugs and vulnerabilities appeared in the game. Some players took advantage of these design flaws and vulnerabilities to make a lot of WOW Classic Gold. The good times are not long. Blizzard made a lot of updates and repairs. What are the changes!

      -Fixed an issue where the continuous damage effect of dead players would prevent the team from completing the "strongest survivor".

      -Bidding is now correctly displayed on the sale tag for caged pets.
      -Fixed an issue where the quantity field was empty when selling non-commodity items.
      -Show only "Unobtained" filter now properly filters battle pets already in it.
      -The "Show me only" filter now works correctly on wands and shields.
      -Show only available categories "filter now properly filters items with professional restrictions and toys that you already own.
      -The complete list of purchases now displays the number of items in the seller's auction list.
      -Players are now able to bid for auctions where they already have a higher bid.
      -Fixed an issue where some auction house emails did not include expected gold coins.

      NPC / Hostile
      -The gaze of N'Zoth in war mode can now only be grabbed by factions.
      -The agate war dragon's flash battery damage is no longer higher than expected.
      -Whirlwind Thai Crystal now resets correctly.
      -Increased the refresh rate of several rare enemies in Uldum and Fairview Valley.

      -Red punch card defragmentation now only generates 50% of healing in PvP situations.
      -Fixed an issue where PvP's cooldown would be shortened incorrectly when using Dying Breath on player pets.

      -Azeroth Essence, Randomly Drops Cheap WOW Classic Gold.
      -Fixed an issue where Mortal Breath 1st and 2nd level sub-damage damage to low health targets would be subject to a 3rd level trigger chance bonus.
      -Corrosive effect
      -Fixed an issue where long-range attacks would not trigger Twilight Destruction.
      -Endless Star damage has been reduced by 25% for all Corrosion levels.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "WOW: Pastor's Skills Classification 2" geschrieben. 20.01.2020

      This skill heals the target for 15 seconds at a recovery rate every 3 seconds. Because the healing speed is slow, the accumulation of hatred is relatively small; because it is released instantly, it will not have much impact on other healing skills; and the DPM of this spell is very high (see the comparison table below), so it is very common and mainly used Comes to assist healing tanks, healing other personnel, and healing on escape.
      Heal is the lowest level of healing skills. This skill will no longer be used after learning Heal. The effect of using WOW Classic Gold For Sale to assist learning skills is obvious.
      The enhanced version of Heal, which has a longer cast time and a larger amount of recovery, has a total of 4 levels, and then learns Greater Heal. At level 60, because the amount of treatment is almost the same as the highest level of Flash Heal, it is generally not used again.
      Greater heal
      The casting time is 4 seconds, and the amount of recovery is very large. Level 60 usually requires two Greater Heal on the shortcut bar, one at the highest level and one at the lower level. The Master of Intensive Healing can reduce the casting time by 0.5 seconds. On the surface, the difference between 3.5 seconds and 4 seconds is not much, but the gap is quite obvious in actual application. It is inconvenient to explain, you can try it yourself. Greater Heal is usually used to treat tanks in non-emergency situations.
      In fact, Heal, Heal, and Greater Heal are the same skill, but the icon and name are changed during the skill upgrade.

      Fast treatment
      Spells that are slightly less cost-effective than Greater Heal (mainly due to lack of sufficient talent support), but because of their fast casting speed, they are still a very practical spell. Healing usually used in the advanced dungeon team (because the monster DPS in the high dungeon is too high, using Greater Heal may cause accidents) and the healing in PVP. It is recommended to put this spell on a shortcut that is easier to press. Using World of Warcraft Classic Gold can help players quickly improve their spells. Players can go to zzwow to buy cheap Warcraft gold.

      Healing prayer
      Although the range healing spell consumes a lot of mana, the amount of healing for a single target exceeds the rapid healing. When it encounters a monster that can use a range attack, it will significantly improve the healing efficiency. Healing Prayer Slams are calculated individually for each target. Slam gear or talents are more effective for this spell. In addition, healing prayers will put you on the watchlist of all monsters that are attacking your team members, causing all monsters to increase hatred against you when you heal yourself.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "WOW classic: The fastest mining strategy for wormholes" geschrieben. 19.01.2020

      For the thieves who can't single-handedly drop components of the east with the Dire Maul, the World of Warcraft nostalgia actually has better mining sacred places to look, and basically only thieves players dare to look. This place is Silithus. The three major wormholes are dispersed across many mines. As long as the most effective planned route and method are employed to mine, the 90 WOW Classic Gold arcane crystal can dig no less than 5 pieces daily. The fastest mining strategy for rogue wormhole, let's share it today.

      At present, the machine price of arcane crystals has exceeded 90 gold on some servers. Some players are already resident in several field maps to guard mines simply because reached the whole level. More than 300 arcane arcs are already dug out since October. crystal. On average, a lot more than 3,000 ore were dug. Of course, individuals don't dig from morning to night everyday, his or her work harder and harder. However, we are able to use this data to seek out that when compared to the 2 to 3 mines fixed each and every time the items dropped within the east of Dire Maul, from the wild, so long as you can quickly chose the mine and make certain the smooth collection, the efficiency of harvesting arcane crystals is a lot higher On copy.

      Well, you can find only a few advanced maps within the wild, plus the most famous ones is Silithus. However, additionally it is a technical task to seek out and mine inside the wild, and in addition it needs to explore many rules and know-how. If you are a thief player who mines 275, if you want to look to Silithus to see the thrill of 5 arcane crystals every day, you should first are aware that Silithus has 3 major mining points, corresponding to 3 A wormhole: Ash above, Zola for the left, and Reggo below. The three wormholes are filled with various mines, but each wormhole can also be divided into three small wormholes, that may be, a full of 9 small wormholes, each wormhole has no less than one refresh point. If you want to ensure you find all Futher, you should enter at the very least 5 of those 9 wormholes, otherwise small map cannot detect the many mines.

      The first 2 holes of Ashworm's Wormhole is seen at the entrance to find out if Futher may be refreshed, as well as the third you require us to understand more about. Some caves have Futher refreshing points outside and inside, plus some are only from the cave. Zola Wormhole is much more troublesome. It should be detected on the cave to refresh the Fuser Mine, plus there is another hole to look in. The Reggo wormhole is comparatively simple. All three wormholes go in and definately will definitely refresh at the very least one mine. Each from the three major mines typically has a maximum of 5 Futher and many Classic WOW Gold, and no more than 2 in a wormhole, if you mine 5 mines in a large point, you are able to directly switch the signal from another place.

      At present, the refresh time with the World of Warcraft nostalgia field mines is around 20-30 minutes, which just permits us to wander inside the three major wormholes, which often can continue indefinitely. I also should talk about the key skill of Warcraft miners: plane cutting. At present, most servers simply have two or three planes, plus some coats can offer four. If you do not get a mine at several points, you have to switch locations soon enough to ensure your efficiency in order to find someone to form teams Just fine. But sometimes, even if you look for a mine, don't rush to operate to dig, because you will find many peers here!

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "WOW classic: New version adds more game fun" geschrieben. 17.01.2020

      In February 2020, World of Warcraft Classic will launch a whole new wave of content for gamers to relish. The Black Wing Lair, the revolutionary Level 50 quest plus the return from the Black Moon Rally will all land in World of Warcraft Classic at 6 PM EST on February 12. For those who want more through the raid and Molten Core for the end on the game, here is the update you're waiting for. If you want to browse more complete content, kindly visit the Blizzard Forum, for you will be more detailed introduction.

      World of Warcraft Classic February Update
      Blackwing Lair-Home of Nefarian, one from the toughest dragons coming from all Azeroth, finally returns towards the classic version of World of Warcraft games. Drake's Lair is situated on the top of BlackRock. Players will quickly be able to fight because of their guild partners and have rich rewards and WOW Classic Gold.

      Blackwing Lair Tuning Mission-In order to get in raid, you should get help from Blackwing Lair by completing the "Black Hand Command" mission. Since this mission just been launched, players aren't very accustomed to this. This quest requires someone to reach level 55 and may be unlocked by defeating the Aegis Quartermaster with the BlackRock Tower in BlackRock. You need to head on the top in the BlackRock Tower and activate the Draxas brand nearby the boss General Draxas. Once complete, it is possible to teleport to Blackwing's Lair with all the Orb of Command.

      Level 50 Career Quests-When players reach level 50, they may receive a whole new quest line that may unlock one in the three powerful items created for your class. There will also be many World of Warcraft Classic Gold rewards. . You can find a total guide to all tasks here and learn how to locate them. It is highly recommended that you simply do these sunken temple missions when available, as the items gives you a huge boost of one's energy before you start attacking.

      Timeless Essence-This project has finally entered its classic, allowing players to take care of the boss's CEO Exo Tutus for the core of fusion. This is one in the most difficult bosses in the overall game (after Ragnaros), and players need a total team to kill him. EQ items can be had by defeating enemies in Alterac Valley, including General Frostwolf Drek'Thar.

      Dark Moon Festival-The most magical time from the year will begin on February 7th, as well as the entire festival begins on February 10th.

      Do you expect these updates?

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "World of Warcraft 8.3 Preview 2" geschrieben. 16.01.2020

      Assault: Defend Azeroth

      Players would be the first to witness great and bad the ancient gods in the raids on Uldum along with the Titan Facilities at Fairview Valley. Players must complete the goals of this type to defeat the original gods' minions, that include defeating enemy and rare enemies, obtaining treasures, and engaged in events. After making some progress, you might face the admiral who leads the enemy.

      You can look at unlocked raids in the spotlight (shortcut: M). You can also select the Burning Eye of N’Zoth next to the Ambassador mission for see the place that the latest raid is happening and also the mission in the region. In this way, you may repel the attacking N’Zoth army while completing the missions in your community and get additional rewards, including the legendary cloak, World of Warcraft Classic Gold, and many others.

      Kalimdor's Assault of Uldum:
      Amassett Raid (Udam) The enthusiastic Amazette used to be the guardian in the Titan Creations, and after this they have seized Odam and tried to monopolize the Titan Forge. Drive this arrogant tribe returning to the desert tombs where they appeared.
      Yaki Assault (Udam)
      The Yaki Swarm swarmed into Uldum, threatening to destroy Titan facilities of this type in the name of N’Zoth and also the Dark Empire. Smash their plots and end their wanton destruction.
      Dark Empire Raid (Udum)
      As the curtain relating to the worlds disappeared, N’Zoth's servants did start to invade Uldum. Purify the corruption she has imposed within this desert.

      Note: Please observe the sky and be aware of concealment when taking adventures in Uldum and Fairview Valley, otherwise the stench of giant worms emitted by giants in opposition may make your vacation to completion much harder. They are dangerous predators within the air, and when you approach them while flying, you may be delayed.

      Pandaria's Splendid Valley raid:
      The Mantis Demon Raid (Splendid Valley) The peaceful Pandora was besieged again from the Mantis Demon Army. Crush Shar'kzala's Swarm Slave and thwart the mastermind's conspiracy.

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      Mogu Raid (Splendid Valley)
      The belligerent Mogu tribe inside Splendid Valley flocked out, and everywhere they went, your situation was about to attain an uncontrollable level. Repel their armies and surrender this arrogant race.
      The dark empire raids (Splendid Valley) The resting valley of Splendid Valley is once more threatened by the traditional gods. Repel the mad army in the Dark Empire and restore the first sort harmony of Fairview Valley.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel ""World of Warcraft" 8.3 new group Benio Rosa survival guide 2" geschrieben. 15.01.2020

      The main mental faculties are the control center on the Swarm. The two generals, Cargill and Tyklis, are constantly struggling to compete for that dominance on the subunit Zerg. Although the two have different tactics, despite who controls the army, Worm Nest will track it frantically. Leiden the Nether will be the ultimate leader on this area. The former guardians on the Titans fought bravely to save lots of the secret chamber in the heart, but were pulled into Neosor, becoming the victim of Enzos's whisper. Beware a hint of hope seemingly swallowed by fear, the previous Supreme Guardian will execute the orders with the ancient gods at any cost. Players ought to defeat these phones get rewards, WOW Classic Gold.

      The third region of Neorosa is termed "The Land of Terror", the location where the products in the curse of flesh and blood are gathered. Shadeha the innocent is truly one of Enzos' most terrible creations. It is tortured by endless hunger and thirst. Every time he eats, his body will likely be distorted and mutated. Dreagas can be a bunch of disgusting flesh-and-blood aggregates. She is such as a disgusting tumor, that could burst out without notice, spreading the dirty breath on the whole Azeroth. Ignos was defeated through the monsters inside Emerald Nightmare, but then it predicted the awakening of Neorosa, now it has been built into the city's architecture, spreading as being a latent infection from the dark empire.

      The final section of Neorosa is referred to as "Dream of Awakening". Here we will face Enzos. First, the foot men will combat Enzos's shell. The terrible body made from flesh and blood inside center of Neorosa. The mountains will be the heart on the Dark Empire, the throne of Enzos, plus the body with the deities. After going through many obstacles, they can finally face the truth body of Enzos the Corruptor. If he cannot win, everything we know is going to be reshaped as his eternal crazy portrait.

      From Niorosa, we could see that the 8.3 version might be full of sincerity, and now we also notice that the Blizzard discount season this season has begun. It is considered that before and after the opening of 8.3, the "World of Warcraft" discount activities is going to be opened, discounted in the past years This season will give you the lowest annual half-year cards, season cards, zodiac mounts, along with the opportunity to draw a ghost tiger. This year's discount season ought not to be missed, why don't we look forward to it!

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    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Blizzard is speeding up the update of Warcraft 2" geschrieben. 14.01.2020

      N 'Zoth plays a big villain role in the new version. Why not just turn the expansion into a N'Zoth expansion?
      One interesting aspect of World of Warcraft is that players can play the storyline for a long time in the game. The battle for Azeroth is not just an expansion of N 'Zoth. There are also many stories about tribes and alliances, as well as many great stories, we can share with players, everyone is very excited and happy. This is a very interesting thing, and not just a story ends. The story is like this. Over time, we can expand it, unite players, and make people excited, curious and involved. Hope they are very happy with the ending of the story now. At the same time after the end of the game players can get more WOW Classic Gold than before.

      We talked about how to tell the N 'Zoth story in different ways, but what we really felt was that this update felt like a horror to a villain like N' Zoth story. There was a monster boss and it also caused a series of storylines. Because N 'Zoth has great power, it is difficult for players to defeat them. In this way, we feel like giving the full version of N'Zoth, where you can see his influence, which means that there are many places through the world and change, our heroes, this is a great and amazing Telling your story in a convincing way makes it feel very risky.

      When you finally reach Ny’alotha and see what madness is hidden deep inside him, and how he wants to change the world, this is an interesting thing. If you dilute it for a longer experience, it might not be so cool. We think this is a good way to tell his story.

      The war is over. Will we still see cooperation between the two factions?

      The battle for Azeroth is where both sides fight for the fate of the world and determine the future of the world. Although we have seen them respond to Azshara's threats together, in Azsara's rise, now Enzos is showing and threatening the entire illusion of Azeroth-they have to set aside the truce for need , Put the fight aside. In the last few years, many things have not disappeared in the conflict between the tribe and the alliance. Visit zzwow.com to Buy WOW Classic Gold for cheapest to help you redeem better gear in the game.

      War is something that profoundly affects culture. We will see the themes and influences of what happened in the Battle of Azeroth through these legends who live in our world and the cultures, regions and factions that live in them, at the character level. There will be a lot of long-term treatment of events and some options in the Battle of Azeroth. For many of these characters, this is not an easy path.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Inventory those useful Warcraft plugins 1" geschrieben. 13.01.2020

      In World of Warcraft Classic, plugins are an integral part of the player experience. In order to give novice players a better gaming experience, we have drafted a guide to choosing the best WoW classic plugins, whether it is an upgrade, PvE, PvP, or basic interface improvements.

      Contrary to popular belief, plugins were part of Vanilla's original gaming experience. Therefore, I can provide a plug-in that I have used well. Of course, there are many other types of different plugins, but we will only provide plugins that are of most interest to the general public.

      Warning, some add-ons may be considered outdated by WoW and will not be available. In this case, it is recommended that you install from another application (Curse).

      Atlas Addons for WoW Classic / WoW
      (Players can download via Twitch)
      In short: Atlas Classic WoW is the originator of Azeroth Adventurer's Journal. Not only can he query the number of loot in each boss in World of Warcraft through a detailed data table, he can also provide the drop rate of most items and the number of WOW Classic Gold, a map of each instance! For the most part Is essential.
      Important note: This plugin works with the Atlas plugin and can be downloaded from the Twitch link. Without it, Atlas Classic WoW would not work.

      Auctionator Classic (Multifunction)
      Auctionator is a simplified version of Auctionneer, which is used by many players when fighting for Azeroth. It has almost all the basic functions to ensure unparalleled efficiency when buying and selling at auction houses. Because this is the best place to make classic gold, it is an essential additional condition whether or not you regularly buy and sell gold at auction houses. Of course, the way to get gold is not only the auction house. Players can also Buy WOW Classic Gold at zzwow. Not only can they buy a lot of vanilla gold at a very low price, but they can also get discounts.

      BigWigs Classic
      (Players can download via Twitch)
      Although the performance of BigWigs is not as good as that of Battle for Azeroth, in the classic version of World of Warcraft, BigWigs is still beyond the reach of other plug-ins. Its counterpart, Deadly Boss Mods-Classic, also meets all expectations, with very little difference between the two. For the few players who don't know these two plugins, they can track the boss of each raid and let you predict your investment and pay accordingly.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Alterac Valley Battleground rewards and past 2" geschrieben. 11.01.2020

      By improving the reputation of these factions, players can buy the following rewards:
      Friendly level
      Battle Tabard is obtainable to both Alliance and Horde players.
      Honor level
      Alliance players can purchase Stormpike Soldier's Cloak, Stormpike Sage's Cloak, Stormpike Soldier's Pendant, Stormpike Sage's Pendant, Stormpike Cloth Girdle, Stormpike Leather Girdle, Stormpike Mail Girdle, Stormpike Plate Girdle. Horde players can find Frostwolf Plate Belt, Frostwolf Mail Belt, Frostwolf Leather Belt, Frostwolf Cloth Belt, Frostwolf Advisor's Pendant, Frostwolf Legionnaire's Pendant, Frostwolf Legionnaire's Cloak, Frostwolf Legionnaire's Cloak. Alliance and Horde players should buy WOW Classic Gold, Ice Threaded Arrow, and Ice Threaded Bullet.
      Distinguished level
      Alliance players can get Stormmpike Battle Standard, Electricized Dagger, Crackling Staff, Stormstrike Hammer. Horde players can obtain Frostbite, Whiteout Staff, Glacial Blade, Frostwolf Battle Standard. They could also buy Gnoll Skin Bandolier and Harpy Hide Quiver.

      Note: In addition to these items, players may use the mission Storm Spear (Alliance) hero or Frostwolf (hero) hero and upgrade their weapons making use of their respective factions for getting one of these weapons:
      Bloodseeker: Crossbow, Ice Barbed Spear: Polearm, Wand of Biting Cold: Wand, Cold Forged Hammer: Mace.

      Many in the past, before World War I, Gul'dan exiled an orc tribe, the Frostwolf tribe, in an isolated valley deep inside Alterac Mountains, while they refused to drink the blood of Mannoroth So I located the west in the foothills. For many years, the Frostwolf, once led by Thrall's father Durotan, withstood the cruel environment, until Thrall unified all orc tribes.

      Despite the unity with the nation, Drak'Thar, leader from the Icefield Wolf, decided to keep his clan within their newly established home. Unfortunately, the dwarves with the Stormpike expedition only recently settled inside the northern part on the river valley, seeking natural resources, ancient Titan ruins, Buy WOW Classic Gold, and then any artifacts which could reveal their ethnic history.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Wow Classic: Rules for Alterac Valley tips2" geschrieben. 10.01.2020

      Games help
      Lieutenant npc, they are often found in the road along with the cemetery in Alterac Valley. Npc beat these players don't need too much, provided that the enemy is just not nearby. Players can escape through the enemy, and for that reason far away on the enemy to address npc.

      Kill an enemy army lieutenant will block several of rebirth, that could reduce the main camp in the enemy defense. Alliance and Horde respectively have six Zhongwei, they're, Union: Lieutenant Spencer, Lieutenant Largent, Lieutenant Stouthandle, Lieutenant Greywand, Lieutenant Lonadin, Lieutenant Mancuso. Tribe: Lieutenant Stronghoof, Lieutenant Vol'talar, Lieutenant Grummus, Lieutenant Rugba, Lieutenant Lewis, Lieutenant Murp.

      First, let's first speak about quests, quests major upgrade with the coalition forces. Players are responsible for collecting debris from armor with npc enemies, then collected the armor pieces for their camp blacksmith, blacksmith by casting debris might make the power of ones camp reaches a clear level, can arise to three levels,
      level 1: 500 Armor Scraps, Tier 2: 1000 Armor Scraps, Tier 3:. 1500 Armor Scraps players employed in conjunction with WOW Classic Gold brings better results.

      Note: To buy some new army camp, a guard (Alliance) or frost wolf clan (tribe) within a storm spear has greater honor or trustworthiness of their players should blacksmith camp and dialogue, and they also gave plenty of resources after asking those to upgrade ones troops.

      Ground Attack
      Each camp, players can launch a ground attack all the time after your camp in the pit to recover enough supplies. To do this, it is best to collect supplies from your pit beforehand Alterac Valley, and bring those to the quartermaster your camp there. After all the military preparations adequate supplies, military non-commissioned officers are going to be on the locals attacked, exactly the same players should be assisted. Union corresponding quartermaster is Stormpike Quartermaster, Quartermaster tribal corresponding to Frostwolf Quartermaster.

      Two camps tasks are a similar, are common Coldtooth Supplies, Irondeep Supplies. In ZZWOW Buy WOW Classic Gold for your players so that you can save time and effort and effort, you will get here is the cheapest World of Warcraft gold, before I am here that helped me to buy vanilla gold exchange plenty of epic equipment and weapons amongst gamers, With their blessing, allow me to get stronger!

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Alterac Valley Battlefield gameplay section1" geschrieben. 09.01.2020

      Alterac Valley is officially released in World of Warcraft, it is just a large game battlefield. A total of 80 players get involved in the battle, they'll be divided into 2 groups, each band of 40 people, forming a 40v40 battle camp. Now is the right time to rediscover this iconic 40v40 battlefield. In this guide I will discuss the battlefield, rewards and strategy behind it.

      Alterac Valley is one kind of many battlefields in World of Warcraft. Therefore, it is one kind of the first products being launched on December 11, 2019. By reading the subsequent article, you will not only figure out how to ensure victory, but additionally get rewards using this mountainous frontier and also epic gear, weapons, WOW Classic Gold and much more. You can even find the history behind this conflict.

      How to participate Alterac Valley
      If you wish to line up to Alterac Valley, you ought to talk to this npc:
      Alliance: Go to Stormwind for Thelman Slatefist, Brogun Stoneshield within the Darnassus Warrior Terrace, Glordrum Steelbeard at Ironforge Military Ward, and then any Stormmpike Emissary inside Alliance Capital.
      Horde: Kartra Bloodsnarl in Orgrimmar's Valley of Glory, Stucco Wolf inside Undercity, Taim Ragetotem within the Rise with the Thunder Bluff Hunter, any Frostwolf messenger within the tribal capital.

      The corresponding player visits the npc from the alliance or perhaps the tribe. After completing the dialogue together with the npcs above, you need to know the next information.
      Alterac Valley is really a 40v40 battlefield, in support of players above level 51 can participate. All eligible players are classified together, including 60s.
      After players go into the Alterac Valley, Alliance players will begin near Dambardall from the north, while Horde players will begin near Frostwolf Castle inside south. Each team has one goal: to eliminate the enemy's commander. At zzwow Buy WOW Classic Gold, you can aquire a lot of game currency and props at discount prices to help you win inside the game battlefield.

      Battlefield collapse
      A quick look at the map on the game seen by players is clearly put into two because of the conflict zone. Towers and cemeteries around the slopes and hillsides start this round in the game beneath the control with the Alliance, and those inside basin area are controlled because of the tribe. Throughout the battle, each tower and graveyard may change hands if occupied by enemy players.

      Destroying a superior tower causes the related marshal / warlord to leave from the general's side, thereby greatly weakening his power.
      If players can occupy the state-of-the-art graveyard, players from the faction will likely be allowed to respawn on this graveyard. Therefore, it's imperative to still occupy essentially the most advanced cemeteries.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "How to unlock Nazjatar and Mechagon inside the new version" geschrieben. 08.01.2020

      Assuming you've been playing most of your mission, maybe you have completed the mission that really needs unlocking Nazjatar al. Make sure you unlock the brand new alt-world worldwide. The main element the mission may be to let players attain the mainstream degree of their city. After players reach this level, the computer will open new areas.

      First, you have to do this for 2 reasons:

      First, it opens quests with huge rewards and will bring many WOW Classic Gold to players; second, you can get Magni's quests, that can raise your Azeroth heart to level 35, if You don't would like to waste time honing the excess Azerite energy, then complete this as soon as possible.

      Open the Mechagon area and let your mission complete halfway over the Nazjatar sequence, then head after that you have leveled the very center of Azeroth to try and do the necessary missions and soon you get a pocket-sized computing device, that is awesome New toons trinkets.

      Razed Azeroth's heart towards the ground
      Midway throughout the start of pursuit line in Nazartar-just once you might need to give it up to get a world quest-Magny look and grab your attention. Don't skip this method! After completing this Sword and Shield quest line, you'll earn Heart of Azeroth Level 35, so you need to buy it before starting performing these delicious Azerite World Quests.

      Establish your item level
      The only fastest method to build equipment is with the Benthic armor of Nazjatar. For every 5 pearls you cash in on, you can purchase a new epic 385 armor. Once you are fully equipped, start to upgrade the tools with these pearls in accordance with your wishes.

      Unfortunately, with all the end on the patch, the armor in the underwater creatures aren't going to be as good as it is currently, because rewards from the Eternal Palace raid is not going to apply to the newest 8.3 patch raid content. Still, this is the great method to get started. It is a pity for players to affect their performance because in the lack of Warcraft Gold from the game. Buy WOW Classic Gold at ZZWOW brings you the lowest price and also the most convenient service! Help you upgrade quickly inside the game.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "World of Warcraft: 8.3 Horror Illusions Challenge Challenge 2" geschrieben. 07.01.2020

      Horror Phantom Technology Tree
      The technology tree incorporates a total of 20 points, along with the number of [corrupted souvenirs] necessary for its upgrade gradually increases;
      The first upgrade consumes 100 [Corrupted Souvenirs], the 5th upgrade consumes 800 [Corrupted Souvenirs], the tenth upgrade consumes 3,000 [Corrupted Souvenirs], along with the twentieth upgrade consumes 10,000 [Corrupted Souvenirs] souvenir].
      Because the consumption is stepped, the upgrade route might be a more particular; it needs to be deep and after that wide; the powerful technology is upgraded as cheaply as you possibly can. If players are tired and spend time and effort in the game to obtain WOW Classic Gold, then ZZWOW Buy WOW Classic Gold is best way. You can find the cheapest Warcraft Gold here, along with Warcraft items.

      Tech tree
      first row
      Manual Orb Operation: After use, return all sanity to nearby players. The entire team shared 3 uses.

      second row
      Emergency skull defibrillation: When you die or perhaps your intellect is zero, your intellect and life are fully restored. Each horror illusion could only be triggered once. Requires Level 3 Intellectual Expertise.
      Intellectual expertise: 3 levels. Increases damage done and reduces damage taken by 5%. This effect is reduced by 1% per teammate within 100 yards.
      Scalable mind: 3 levels. Squad members' sanity caps increased by 100.
      Synchronized Mental Stabilizer: Your resurrection ability utilized by your teammates the very first time does not consume sanity. Requires Level 3 "Expandable Mind."

      Third row
      Eliminate the Elite: For every Elite Kill, restore 200 Sanity to nearby players.

      Fourth row
      Experimental destabilization: 3 levels altogether. When the remaining sanity is a lot more than half, the harm caused is increased by 4%. When the remaining sanity is less than 50 %, damages taken is reduced by 4%.
      Clear vision: 3 levels. Treasure chests in contaminated / corrupted / lost areas is so visible.
      Illusion Hunter: 3 levels. Killing an enemy grants 1% haste and acceleration for around 10 secs. Stack up to five layers.

      Fifth row
      Titan's Gift: Killing enemies features a chance to obtain Titan's Gift and WOW Classic Gold. Increases movement speed by 60%, and resistant to intellectual loss within 20 seconds.s.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "How will Warcraft alteration of 2020 patr2" geschrieben. 06.01.2020

      Considering thus far, regardless how chaotic the members feel about BFA, I don't feel that Visions of N'Zoth can improve anyone's perception from the expansion. Although the final struggle with the only living old god is exciting, the story plot about Azeroth is intricate and can make it difficult to value what happened-a small number of new progress systems is not going to change this.

      Finally, I anticipate the update of "Visions of N'Zoth" which will allow us to supply players more surprises and wait while expecting the summer launch of "The Shadowlands". Just like the current Azshara upgrade, this might mean that the 'development' team might have to do a wide range of work for this-but with a brand new extension on the agenda, if all progress is suspended immediately after months, will it be worth it?

      All players' levels is going to be compressed inside the upcoming version

      One in the most exciting features in The Shadowlands is really nothing to do with the event itself. Before the overall game is released, Blizzard will lower the amount limit towards the original level 60, completely changing the operation of upgrading new characters. The idea is easy: it may be a bit excessive for players to upgrade a character to level 120, particularly when many levels don't have any WOW Classic Gold rewards making players lose their passion and motivation to learn the game. Therefore, Blizzard will compress all the gamers' levels, so your current 120 players will likely be 50 in the beginning and 60 at the end in the main battle.

      On the opposite hand, new players will still begin from level 1, and can start their journey in a very brand new area called "Exile's Reach". Unlike the starting area that's now outdated and boring, Exile's Reach's scope includes all modern tasks and dungeon designs that produce Warcraft interesting.

      When players reach level 10 and handle the corresponding missions, they may choose a complete expansion pack to upgrade to level 50. This is the real beginning. New players will find out Azeroth's story through battle, but any expansion before World of Warcraft is offered to old players. It is unclear after that happen to characters below level 120, but I guess their level will likely be reduced accordingly. Go to ZZWOW.COM Buy WOW Classic Gold to assist you exchange powerful equipment and weapons inside the game to battle against bosses!

      But what I can guarantee is that inside the first few weeks, all of this is going to be broken ruthlessly. Every time Blizzard constitutes a significant exchange signal of a character, you can find huge changes-for example, at the beginning with the Battle of Azeroth, it compressed the character's state and item level-the result's Nasty mistakes and very unbalanced battle encounters. The boss inside the dungeon could be too strong or too weak, some abilities might result in inestimable damage, and the amount balance between players could be broken.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Ten years of highs and lows in World of Warcraft 5" geschrieben. 03.01.2020

      In days past when the game changed significantly everyday, the WoD pre-patches were once they finally added the reagent library. The reagent library is often a separate option within the inventory where players can store crafting materials. Players may use the materials inside to create weapons, synthesize equipment or redeem Vanilla WOW Gold. I personally feel that this improvement is surely an inspiration Blizzard has utilized by other games. Because this feature is a thing I have encounter in other games before.

      Garrison is just about the distinguishing options that come with WoD, at first we were holding cool and interesting. I enjoyed particles building garrisons, building and upgrading buildings. Finding and recruiting my followers have also been very interesting ... unfortunately, when I experimented with upgrade, the garrison lost its appeal to me. When I underwent the whole process again, I had lost all of my interest. In fact, I have never successfully upgraded alt through WoD; I always fail there. Another bad thing is that the garrison is usually a bit lonely. Of course, I can invite friends to try out there, but at the start this doesn't always work and may be annoying. In addition, a very important factor I like about MMORPG should be to let other players carry out some tasks. Even if I never talk with them, just watching them do their daily business can assist keep the game alive.

      This can be the first time we have now experienced flying and completing the Pathfinder's achievements. I'm pleased to fly because doing so makes all the world smaller and safer, and super convenient. However, my new at WoD frustrated me because I didn't much like the Taanan jungle and I wanted to go there for raid. I have never even flown in WoD (this can be another reason I never attempted to upgrade alt via xpac). However, the continuous trailblazers have achieved better results, including tasks that almost all players can accomplish without much additional effort.

      Another interesting finding of WoD was that in November 2014 (right after the expansion was launched), the amount of submarines soared to millions of. However, by August 2015, that number had fallen in an all-time low of 5.6 000 0000. When "Mists of Pandaria" premiered, there seemed to be as much rubbish when needed, and also the submarine never fell to a real low level; so did Cata. There could be many reasons because of this, info was in 2015, which has a whole couple of high-quality games to select from. On the other hand, even though there are many plans in WoD, their implementation / execution methods are disappointing. At the same time, from the game, the state run seems to lessen the players' profits after victory, making players much less Classic WOW Gold, and cuts down on the interest of players.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Ten years of ups and downs in World of Warcraft" geschrieben. 02.01.2020


      Maybe it's just because my life has changed dramatically in the past ten years, but things before 2010 feel like they were a lifetime ago. When I started thinking about the most significant changes in World of Warcraft in the past ten years, things got even more confusing. Then I remembered that Cataclysm was not released until the end of 2010. For much of that year, we were still doing something else, either busy dating in the game, or collecting Vanilla WOW Gold crazy in the game. To find out when the story happened, I looked at the World of Warcraft timeline.

      Wrath of the Lich King is over
      The first major upgrade in 2010 was the release of the 3.3.5 patch, which includes the implementation of Real ID. Before Real ID, the buddy list was limited to your character and server. The advent of Real ID changed all this, players can choose who to become friends with in the game, and also can make friends across servers and factions. For the most part, this is a welcome change, and the fact that players choose to join makes it perfect. Another improvement, allowing players to choose names for battle tags, was not implemented until version 5.0.4.

      Part of Real ID is like a balloon, forcing all players in forums and unions to post using their real identity. There is even an option to make your protagonist's name visible next to your real name. Although some support this change, more players still prefer the habit of posting anonymously. So many people still strongly oppose this decision. Of course, I believe that some people will feel sad about malicious destruction with their real names, but most people are worried about security issues, especially for children who play World of Warcraft, because unlike games, this change is not voluntary. Thankfully, Blizzard cancelled the plan just three days later.

      Another key point cited most often is "WoW was the most popular during Wrath, so that was the best expansion." Icecrown joined in late 2009 and was fully open in January 2010. If anger was really attracting people, I thought the submarine would arrive earlier. If people are waiting to fight the Lich King, the upgrade at the end of 2009 will make the most sense. Not to mention we spent a whole year at Icecrown.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "Some advantages topic about WOD 2" geschrieben. 31.12.2019

      Benefits of Garrison Gold Revenue
      Players can gather a number of followers inside the garrison and rehearse the factors with the task table system to acquire multiple gold gains through the task. These missions are time-limited and require no effort from players besides choosing followers, and add-ons can perform this available for you. Other than that, his or her have to wait and WOW Classic Gold will roll in.

      Some folks are like robbers into it. For those who build this product across multiple roles, tons of gold coins have grown to be the standard. In a way, it is terrible. Being penniless inside an MMO game is awful as well as simple to get money, which suggests they can buy mounts along with goodies they couldn't afford before.


      Better character models
      Thankfully, the model update is finally here. Except for blood elves, the rest with the system characters must hold off until patch 6.1. The player character model looks pretty rough decade after the game's release. It's time to update.

      The results from the model update were mixed, since some with the updated characters were far away from their original models. In response, Blizzard let players alter the details within the system settings as an alternative to spending money to alter characters. Overall, the updated models and animations look modern-day.

      Pepe will be the cutest character in WOD. Players will get her within the fortress and click on the cute bird to sit down on the player's head, willing to fight together or regardless of the player wants pepe to match. He quickly came into common use with players and is constantly appear in subsequent updates.

      Pepe's shape can be quite small, along with the short body helps it be look very cute. Pepe even features its own styling and specific functions.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "WOW classic: You can do these funny things inside game" geschrieben. 30.12.2019

      Why we've got always loved this World of Warcraft classic much, it could be his epic adventure, it might be a rewarding task, and the powerful equipment and WOW Classic Gold. All of the above reasons are incredibly attractive to players, but perhaps something funny from the game might be missed.

      Why can we like the classic World of Warcraft? Is it war and peace adventure, a fantastic mission or possibly a shiny outfit? Of course it is really, however it's also about fun. Sometimes we much like to hang out with our peers and wear clothes that seem to be stupid and funny. Here are some ways for you to make your friends laugh and produce them ignore the tedious tasks for the moment.

      Not exclusively for your players to see jokes, however for all the selection of over 100 expressions, they are able to do most jobs. Some include audio, some have animation, and lots of have both. For example, applause emojis are the motion and sound of your respective character clapping.

      Usually they may vary determined by whether you'll be different from one individual to another. Eye expressions cause you to be cross your own personal eyes, just be sure aim at another character, this expression will allow you to be look "look up and down". These are just examples. You can do anything from digging your nose to howling. If you feel creative, it's also possible to use design languages ​​to you could make your own expressions.

      Alchemy medicine
      This project is among the most popular during Halloween, and you will repeat this to obtain more supplies and Classic WOW Gold, so you're able to complete this funny task anytime of the year. The Noggenfogger Elixir is usually a reward from the Tanaris task chain. Contrary to popular belief, partly a task chain alchemist but in addition a senior chef.

      Anyone can complete the 5 steps to get elixir, after they are willing to happen to be the Mainland and after that come back. Once they have finished their mission, they will purchase exclusive edition items from Noggenfogger in a very reasonable price anytime.

    • smilutaneous858 hat den Blog-Artikel "WOW-BFA the way to get the title ‘Merrymaker’" geschrieben. 28.12.2019


      Holidays always fly by, which can be no different from World of Warcraft's holiday activities. Players in the final battle of Azeroth have only one week to perform the achievements on the 11 feast winter veil and win the title of "Happy Maker"!

      The annual winter yarn winter clothing festival begins on December 16th, plus the event lasts about 17 days and may end on January 2nd.
      As stated earlier, if the player really wants to win, they need to try and do 11 achievements. The achievements with the "Happy Maker" winter are:
      On Metzen
      The general submissions are that players must save Metzen the reindeer.
      With a Little Helper from My Friends
      Warcraft players must earn 50 honorable kills while playing the sport as a helper using a Winter Wondervolt machine.
      Alliance players must throw snowballs at Muradin Bronzebeard mustaches residing in Ironforge, and tribal players must throw snowballs at Blaine Bloodhoof, coping with Thunder Bluff.
      When riding a flying reindeer, the participant must complete the "Bomb Them Again" mission.
      Tis the Season
      Gamers must wear three different winter outfits and consume Graccu ’s Mince Meat Fruitcake to do this achievement.
      Let it Snow
      Players must work with a handful of snowflakes in ten different combinations of races and characters, including a blood elven warlock as well as a gnome mage.
      Winter veil gourmet
      -World of Warcraft players must create three foods through cooking. Consumables are gingerbread, hot cider, and Winter Veil Egg Nog.

      If players complete these 11 achievements before January 2, are going to awarded the happy "Merrymaker" title. And get extra bonuses and WOW Classic Gold.

      Keep at heart that most of such achievements should be completed in the Winter Yarn Festival, therefore if players wait to much time, they're not going to be able to accomplish these achievements!



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