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      Death knight

          The Death Knight is one of the professions in the famous online game World of Warcraft. He used to be a just people and bravely and fearlessly against the darkness, but the evil they confronted was not easily expelled.
      The power of death awakens the hero of death, giving it an almost eternal power, and the death knight is born. These former heroes wore more powerful armor, manipulating the invincible dark magic, and carrying out all the atrocities they had fought against.

      story background
      Hundreds of years ago, the aborigines of the simple and harmonious world of Draenor were a group of orcs who admired the simple shamanism. They lived in this world together with a group of draenes who came to the world to escape the demon chasing through space travel. A distant and friendly relationship until darkness falls.
      The demon swindler who twisted the void, Kil'jaeden, lured the old Shadowmoon clan Shaman Ner'zhul, abandoned the shamanism who advocated the natural elements, became a warlock who used chaotic arcane power, and his cronies were also given a powerful The dark power and let Ner'zhul believe that this power can bring a beautiful future to its people. The power of darkness continues to spread among the various clan, and the simple orc race is gradually driven by the desire of the right to corrupt. The society supported by the heroic warriors and the wise shamans collapses, and the orcs begin to kill the innocent draenei. . At the same time, different clan also stood together under the call of Ner'zhul to form a tribe. ZZWOW is a website that sells World of Warcraft gold coins. Click to buy.

      Although Ner'zhul promoted all of this, he found that among the orcs, cruel atrocities were growing, and they began to reflect on themselves and questioned the glory and peace that the devils admired. Then he was horrified to discover that because of the evils of the orcs, the elements and the spirits of the ancestors refused to help the orcs. So when Kil'jaeden made a new request, Ner'zhul resolutely showed no cooperation. So the devil finds his young but powerful disciple, Gul'dan.
      Gul'dan created the Shadow Council under the devil's instigation, and selected the Blackstone clan's chief black hand as the tribal chief. Under Gul'dan's evil intentions, the orcs drank the blood of the demon, suffered a terrible curse and the power of evil, launched a massacre against the draenei, and then launched through the Dark Portal to Azeroth. Invasion. It was in the invasion of Azeroth that Gul'dan reloaded the souls of the dead warlocks into the body of the dead human warriors. These dead souls revived the terrible darkness and manipulated more powerful than ever. Fel energy. They became the first generation of death knights, a demonic existence, the dark pioneer of the tribe. They use WOW Classic Gold to enhance their ability to resist enemy attacks. In the game players can also buy Cheap WOW Classic Gold to enhance their ability.

      After the Alliance successfully defeated the Horde and closed the Dark Portal, most of the area of ​​Draenor had been severely eroded by the evil spirits, the land died and the vegetation no longer grew. In order to escape from this dying world, Ner'zhul led the remaining clan to reopen the Dark Portal to capture several powerful Azeroth treasures, and opened several portals to the twisted void in Draenor. I hope to escape to a new world through space travel. However, they failed. Kil'jaeden intercepted their transmission from the distorted void. As a punishment against the will of the devil, Ner'zhul and his cronies were deprived of the flesh, but the soul was preserved and tortured intact.

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      WOW CLASSIC: Night Elves

      The Night Elf is a race in the online game World of Warcraft. They are the first awakened race, they are respectable and just sense of justice, but they do not trust the "low-level races" in the world.

      Ethnic overview
      In World of Warcraft, the night elves who like to live in seclusion are the first awakened race. About 10,000 years ago, the story of World of Warcraft began to study magic and spread it throughout the world. The use of the night elves for the reckless use of magic eventually led the Burning Legion to the world and eventually led to a fierce battle between the two ancient races.

      The night elves eventually drove the Burning Legion out of the world, but their homes were destroyed and sank into the sea. From then until the last few thousand years, the night elves have remained isolated from the world, and they are hiding on the top of their holy mountain: Mount Hyjal. The re-invasion of the Burning Legion broke the silence of the night elves.

      They now realize the need to recast the world, and in order to continue to survive on the continent of Azeroth, they have for the first time formed alliances with other races. As a race, night elves are respectable and just sense of justice, but they do not trust the "low-level races" in the world. They are born with the characteristics of the night, and the power of those shadows often leads to their distrust of their mortal allies.
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      Racial talent
      Runaway (active skill) Instant - 2 minutes cooldown.
      After the activation, break into the shadows and reduce the chance that the enemy will detect you. Continue until you cancel or move. After canceling this effect, your threat to any enemies still in combat will be restored.
      Swift (passive skills) reduces your chances of melee and ranged attacks by 2% and your movements by 2%.
      The spirit of the spirit (passive skill), after becoming a wizard, the movement speed is increased by 75%.
      Natural resistance (passive skills), the natural damage taken is reduced by 1%.
      Injury contact (passive skill), a 1% increase in speed at night. Crit increases by 1% during the day.

      Regional overview
      In the history of World of Warcraft, the 8 trees planted by the mother tree and the night elves have a total of 9 world trees. The most closely related to the history of the night elves are Nordrassil, Tedashir, and Vodaf in Northrend. Hill.
      Tedashir is the second tree of the world of the night elves. Her sister, Noda Hill, was still recovering from the impact of the Burning Legion. She enjoyed her eternal summer on Tada Hill and was named after the island. The night elf's Darnassus city is located on the branches of Tedahill, protected by this magical tree and druids, free from outside threats.
      In World of Warcraft, this is the starting point for the night elves race players.
      It is an island on the northern coast of Kalimdor.
      The ancient tree spirit on this island created a giant tree that hides the capital of Darnassus.
      Description of the area: Teldashir is an island near the northern coast of Kalimdor, close to the Black Sea. It has only recently been promoted to the Shanghai by powerful Druids. When the Ashenvale purifies the devil's corruption, the Druids hope to use the island as a refuge in Caldore.
      Geographical features: Teldrassil, warm and comfortable in all seasons due to the temper of magical power. The island is locked in the eternal dawn - this is the favorite environment for the night elves.
      Aboriginal: In addition to a few forest animals that have been relocated from Ashenvale and Moonlight Woodland, the night elves are the main aborigines of Tedashir. The importance of WOW Classic Gold is self-evident for players. Clicking on https://www.zzwow.com/wow-classic-gold to buy the currency will also give a small gift to the players.

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      Wow: Demon Hunter

           Demon Hunter
          One of the classes in the famous online game World of Warcraft. Joined as a new class in World of Warcraft 7.0 "Return of the Legion". The demon hunter voluntarily accepted the taboo power from the Burning Legion. They control evil spirits and chaotic magic, master the transforming power and ghost vision, rely on the daunting agile to hunt and defend against the most dangerous opponents.

          One of the highlights of World of Warcraft 7.0 is the new hero class, the Demon Hunter, and announced the 6 skills information of the Demon Hunter at the press conference. The basic information about this class is also exposed.

          basic information
          Abandoning the heavy armor, the Demon Hunter focuses on speed improvement, they can shorten the distance to the enemy with the fastest speed, and launch a fatal blow with a one-handed weapon. At the same time, Illidari can also use the agile body to defend and ensure that the battle develops in the direction they want.
          Type: melee damage output, tank
          Status bar: life, anger
          Available armor: Cloth, Leather
          Available weapons: battle blade, dagger, glove, one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, one-handed sword
          Races to choose from: Night Elf, Blood Elf

          Ghost vision
      Demon hunters have lost their eyes on the surface, but they have gained real predictive power. They can rely on this extended field of vision to detect where the enemy is, even those enemies hiding behind obstacles can't escape. With WOW Classic Gold, you can maximize your strength and increase your attack power while helping others. Players are recommended to use it with Classic WOW Gold. More information about WOW Classic Gold For Sale can be found at https://www.zzwow.com/.

      Devil turned
      Demon hunters can transform into a form of terror and enhance their ability to choose. The demon hunter who chases the damage can gain unbelievably quick and damage power, and complete the hunter more easily; the demon hunter who focuses on defense will become almost incapable of being killed in the transformed form.

      Unparalleled mobility
      Demon hunters can use two jumps, rush into the battlefield or get out of the melee, or even unfold their horrible wings to gliding and launch a surprise attack from the enemy.
      Melee damage
      The chaotic energy of the demon hunter's body makes their melee and magical attacks devastating.

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      World of Warcraft Death Knight

      Death Knight's Information

          When the Lich King lost control of the death knight, the former supporters of the Lich King revenge for the terror oppression that they had suffered under his control. After winning the battle of revenge, the death knights found themselves with no goals and no home. They have gradually entered the mortal territory to find new targets.
          Frost has intensified their attacks, blood has enhanced their physique, and the undead body has allowed them to provoke evil anger in the fierce battle. The death knight's eyes have witnessed thousands of atrocities, and the enemies who bravely look at these eyes will feel the warmth being pulled away from their bodies, replaced by steel-like coldness.
      The Death Knight engages in close combat with the enemy, uses dark magic to enhance the weapon, and uses evil forces to damage or weaken the enemy. They pulled the enemies into one-on-one battles and forced them to shift their attacks on weaker companions. In order to prevent the enemy from escaping from their control, the death knight must be careful to use the power of their summoning runes and attack them appropriately.
          Type: tank, melee damage output
          Standard Bar: Life, Rune, Rune Energy
          Available armor: Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate
          Available weapons: one-handed axe, one-handed hammer, one-handed sword, long-handled weapon, two-handed axe, two-handed hammer, two-handed sword
          Races that can be selected: all basic races except the Pandaren (excluding the league races that were added after the Legion invasion)

      Representative skill
          Death entanglement: Consuming runic energy, dealing damage to enemies, or dealing with a nearby undead target (usually a ghoul). After using the glyph, you can also create a shield that absorbs damage to non-dead friends.
          Death Grip: Pull the target to the death knight and force it to attack the death knight for a short time.
          Withering and fading: Corrodes the area designated by the Death Knight, causing Shadow damage.
          Summon Death Horse: Allow the Death Knight to summon a Death Horse, and complete a series of missions.
          Spiritual Strike: Uses the power of Shadow to deal damage to enemies while recovering the health of the Death Knight.
          Frozen Road: Allow death knights and their teammates to walk on the water.
          The army of the dead: awaken the power of death and summon a large number of undead servants to attack the enemy.
          Frozen skills: set goals. When the spell effect disappears, give the target a trapping effect.
          Blood Aura: Increases the damage output per second while recovering a little life for the Death Knight during the attack.
          Blood Strike: Inflicts varying degrees of damage depending on the number of superimposed effects of the disease on the target.
          Blade Strike: Inflicts damage and increases the effect of disease reduction for the target.
          Freeze thinking: interrupt the spellcasting.

          The death knight's initial level is 55. Basically, any race other than the panda can kill the knight. After creating the death knight, the player can learn about the new class and its background story through a series of tasks.

      The death knight can be a tank or melee damage output character.

      The death knight uses a rune system in combat, for a total of six. Consuming these runes allows the death knight to cast spells and abilities. Different spells need to consume a different amount of runes, and the consumed runes will cool down, similar to skill cooldown. This rune can no longer be used until the end of the cooldown.

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      Evolution du chevalier de la mort

      Première génération: chevalier de la mort dans l'ancienne tribu
      Subordonné: Vieille Horde, Conseil Illidari
      Résident: Non corrigé, de la vallée d'Ombrelune au temple sombre jusqu'aux ruines de l'ancienne ville de Hurlevent.
      Chef: Gul'dan, Ner'zhul, Tarongor Gorefiend, Illidan.
      Page d'accueil: Azeroth, Delano
      Langue principale: langue orque, langue diable.
      Taille moyenne: semblable aux humains ordinaires.

          Lors de la première guerre de guerre, Doomhammer savait que Gul'dan était de connivence avec l'initié du démon. Il a donc attaqué le Conseil des ombres et exécuté tous les démonistes sur des tribus rebelles. Gul'dan et d'autres démonistes ont été contraints par la situation d'exprimer leur fidélité au Doomhammer et de s'échapper.

          Afin de faire plaisir au nouveau chef, Gul'dan a promis de constituer une puissante armée uniquement loyale à Doomhammer. Gul'dan a ensuite sacrifié quelques démonistes de rang inférieur à l'autel, qui ont permis à Gul'dan de sceller l'âme des membres morts du Conseil des ombres sur les corps des soldats humains morts. Le chevalier de la mort était né, et chaque chevalier de la mort avait reçu un bâton attaché par l'âme du démoniste sacrifié.

          Doomhammer est très satisfait du travail de Gul'dan, mais il ignore que ces membres du Conseil des ombres sont toujours fidèles à Gul'dan.
      Ces horribles maîtres morts-vivants ont été assignés à chaque clan et certains d'entre eux sont retournés à Draenor par le Portail des Ténèbres, rejoignant les forces Ner'zhul, qui étaient encore des chamanes. Avec la victoire de la ligue, la plupart des chevaliers de la mort ont été anéantis, mais il reste encore des chevaliers de la mort qui ont exprimé leur loyauté envers Ner'zul par le regroupement de Tarongol Gorefiend en échange d'un monde qui peut être vaincu par le chevalier de la mort.

          Avec l'effondrement de WOW Classic Gold Draenor, de nombreux chevaliers de la mort ont suivi Ner'zhul dans le vide tordu, capturé par la Légion ardente et converti en une liche. L'âme de Tarongol Gorefiend erre encore dans les ruines de la vallée d'Ombrelune. Après avoir trompé l'alliance et les guerriers de la Horde et ressuscité, il se tourna vers le propriétaire étranger Illidan et tenta d'établir une nouvelle mort. L'armée de cavaliers.

      Deuxième génération: le fléau
      Chevalier de la mort du Fléau
      Subordonné: Fléau
      Résident: La station de tous les fléaux
      Leader: le roi-liche d'Alsace
      Accueil: Azeroth
      Langue principale: lingua franca et autres langues de toutes les ethnies
      Hauteur moyenne: Divers facteurs déterminent la hauteur, notamment la pourriture et le zombie.
          Lors de la troisième guerre, le prince Arthas se rendit à Frostmourne, qui devint le premier chevalier de la mort à être loyal au roi-liche. Depuis lors, tout guerrier sélectionné par le roi-liche, qu'il soit actif ou ressuscité, recevra une épée runique pour lui-même et une liche après un contrat avec le roi-liche. Après que le roi ait donné le pouvoir diabolique, il est devenu un chevalier de la mort.

          Lors de la troisième guerre, le prince Arthas se rendit à Frostmourne, qui devint le premier chevalier de la mort à être loyal au roi-liche. Depuis lors, tout guerrier sélectionné par le roi-liche, qu'il soit actif ou ressuscité, recevra une épée runique pour lui-même et une liche après un contrat avec le roi-liche. Après que le roi ait donné le pouvoir diabolique, il est devenu un chevalier de la mort https://www.zzwow.com/wow-classic-gold.

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      World of Warcraft's strongest warlock

          Professional characteristics
          Soul shard
          Some spells of the Warlock require Soul Shards to be released. You can use the Soul Soul spell on a dying monster. When the other party dies from this spell, you can get the Soul Shard. It's important to note that only killing enemies with experience or honor can get soul fragments, so you can't expect to kill debris by killing low-level enemies.

          Draining the soul is a guiding spell, so you can't do anything else when you use it, such as moving, attacking, releasing another spell, etc. If you want this spell to work, you must stand still and learn how to It is very challenging to do this correctly.

          In the early versions, a soul shard occupies one space in your package, which means you can't carry too much debris with you. However, you still need to leave some spare pieces in your backpack to summon your pet or use some powerful spells. Soul fragments can't be stacked, so you can't pile up a lot of debris. If you find yourself without soul fragments, you must find them without using them, which is a real challenge. However, the warlock's imps can still be summoned even if they don't use the soul shards, so you can use them to get the soul shards and then change to a more powerful pet.
          In later versions, Soul Shards became proprietary to Pain Warlocks (other talents used detonation ash and demonic energy), and instead of occupying a backpack, they were used as a second energy consuming tank, and the way to get it became easier. You can use these Soul Shards to mobilize more powerful abilities or to reinforce common abilities.
          In the Legion Reappearance version, the destructive ash of the Destruction and the demonic energy of the Demon are removed, and all Warlocks return to the stage of using Soul Shard.
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          Professional talent
          Warlocks have formed three talents: "pain", "devil knowledge" and "destruction" due to the different focus of the attack.

          The painful warlock is good at bringing the pain and disaster to the opponent's body, and then watching the opponent gradually weaken. Because these illnesses and disasters are long and harmful, opponents often die slowly in these tortures instead of “getting a quick one”. Usually, cruel hell dogs are their most loyal servants. The evil magician can summon a demon more powerful than the other two talents. By controlling these powerful demons, they can win even if they stand by.

          Of course, this is just a metaphor, and it is actually impossible. And by coordinating with the devil, he can also become a demonic form similar to Missy, and gain amazing power. Whether it is a cruel hellhound or a burly demon guardian, or even a dexterous little devil and a tempting succubus, you can win for their masters as long as they look at the timing. The Destruction Warlock is good at using the flame, and can explode the force in an instant, so that the opponent can quickly kill. In their lonely journey, the chattering devils are their best companions.
          Pain Warlocks are relatively gentle (just in the Warlock's position), they focus on using the curse to deal with enemies, and these various weakening spells and catastrophic damage spells make them more diverse than the average caster. Most of these magics don't need to stand in one place like ordinary magic to stay focused, and then spend a few seconds spelling spells - they are the curse of instant release. However, these magics will not kill the enemy at once, but will weaken their physical strength, speed and spellcasting ability, and gradually lose their lives as time goes by, and will be transformed into the warlock's own power.
          The greatest pleasure of a warrior with a painful specialization is to see the enemy struggle under various seemingly mild curses and finally to death. They are more inclined to the traditional tactics, that is, to summon a follower with the defensive power of the wall, such as the Voidwalker to resist the opponent's attack, and hide behind the demon to quietly cast a spell until the enemy dies. The painful warlock's spell uses pure shadow energy.

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      WOW: Warlock's Unique Spell

          The Destruction Warlock is more suitable for those who have a temper, who are eager to seek and who are eager to seek. These warlocks are not too cold with slow, deadly shadows, preferring to destroy enemies with uncontrollable and dangerous evils. With the power of the Felfire Flame, they only need one or two powerful spells to completely destroy their opponents, but this also leads to a weaker sense of self-protection, and these chaotic spells are as simple and rude as their own temper. Find your enemy, walk over, say hello to him amicably, and then burn him - the whole process is done in one go, there is nothing more refreshing than this.
          Some Destruction Warlocks follow traditional tactics, hiding behind a solid demon. Other warlocks will choose a more lethal demon in exchange for the ability to quickly knock down the enemy. Some warlocks will even completely drain the summoned demons, sacrifice their protection in exchange for devastating destructive power, and try to kill the enemy before they hit them.

          The evil WOW Classic Gold magicians often have strong ambitions and leadership skills. These "scholars" are more obsessed with studying the essence of demons and looking for ways to fully control them. In general, warlocks are more vulnerable to weakness than ordinary people because of their learning of taboo spells. But the demon warlocks seem to have found a way to strengthen their connection with the devil, making their flesh relatively tougher. Some warlocks have mastered the ability to temporarily transform themselves into demons, but this dangerous spell was gradually abandoned by the warlocks after the catastrophic attempt by Canresad Eberlock in the Dark Harvest Council. Only the special rituals and transformations of Illidari have mastered this technology.

          The Demon Warlock is more "massive" than the other Warlocks. They can summon a more advanced, more demon than the common Warlock, and open a Portal that constantly summons the Devil and strengthens it. Demon soldier. They enjoy the thrill WOW Classic Boosting of domination and command, master a whole army of demons, and use their own power to make them more deadly.

          Signature spell
          Disasters - cursing the enemy with pain, causing great damage over time, and the longer the enemy lasts, the higher the damage.
          The end of the day - with the impending doom cursing the target, causing a lot of shadow damage over time.
          Corrosion - Deals continuous Shadow damage to the target.
          Sacrifice - Burns enemies and inflicts additional damage over time.
          Painful impermanence - first inflicts damage on the target, and then continues to cause Shadow damage.
          Ghostly entanglement - Deals a lot of Shadow damage to the target and increases the level
          The Eye of Kilrogg - Summon a magical eye under your control that can leave you far away for reconnaissance, and it is invisible, and others will not see it. After installing the glyphs, the eyes of Kilrogg can fly in the air, but they can't be invisible.
          Summon Hell Warhorse - Create your own Hell Warhorse, which will make your actions much faster than walking. After installing the glyph, it can also take you on the water and leave a trail of burning.
          Slavery Demon - Slavery a target demonic for a while, you can use this ability to control a demonic and let it attack other monsters.
          Summoning Ceremony - Start a summoning ritual and summon a Demon's Gate with your companions. Through it, you can summon other companions. Although the ritual of summoning the Devil's Gate is initiated by the Warlock, the use of the summoned Demon's Gate does not necessarily require the Warlock to participate.
          Devil Portal - Summon the Devil Portal that links the two locations. You and your companions can transfer between the portals, but the distance between them is very short and cannot cross certain obstacles.
      Demon Circle - Summon a demonic squad, you can always go somewhere back to where the Devil's Array is.
      Draw life - continue to suck away the enemy's life and use your life to fill your power.

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      World of Warcraft - Warlock

          Warlock is a profession in the online game World of Warcraft. The warlock is a profession that devote the soul to the darkness in pursuit of the power of the world. Can be very strong and weak, the skinny body seems to be blown down by a gust of wind, using blood as a medium to summon a variety of powerful dark creatures for their own use. A seemingly no lethal spell can torture the enemy to death. There are warlocks in a variety of games.

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          Career profile
          In the face of demonic power, most heroes can only face death. The warlock saw a glimmer of life. Their goal is to dominate, and they found a way in dark magic. These greedy casters summon the demon servants to fight alongside them. Initially, they controlled only a few devils. But with the development of warlock knowledge, the succubus, the loyal emptiness walker, and the terrible hell dog joined the warlock's team, and they frantically smashed the guys who were on their master's path.

          Warlocks can burn enemies in the distance with burning flames, causing them to fall into fear and pain, or torment them through corrosive diseases and the curse of stealing the vitality of the victims. These heretical practitioners are frightening throughout Azeroth, and many prefer to fight alongside them and not to fight against them.
          Warlocks are obsessed with the mage who studies the roots of demonic power. Enticed by the knowledge of darkness, swallowed by greed, they pursue chaotic magic from outside the world. The Burning Legion provides them with their own power, allowing them to resort to devastating energy and summoning the messengers of their demon masters.

          Races to choose from: humans, gnomes, dwarves, werewolves, blood elves, orcs, undead, goblins, trolls, void elves, black iron dwarves, sons of night.
          Type: Debt spell and continuous damage spell caster.
          Standard value slot: health/manual value.
          Equipment that can be used: cloth armor.
          Weapons that can be used: daggers, wands, one-handed swords, and staff.

          to introduce a job
          There are powerful damage spells (mainly through time) and debuff spells, which complement each other and match the skills of other team members. They have curses in a variety of situations; in fact, they can easily become the best debuffing magician in the game. Their pets can also help increase damage and give the Warlock extra skills.
          They can also use the temptation and expulsion to control the crowd well and provide limited help in the form of the stones they summon. What we are talking about now is not how to play games. One of the most fascinating features of a profession is that players have a deep understanding of their specificity and ultimately master their operations!

          The Demon Warlock is more "massive" than the other Warlocks. They can summon a more advanced, more demon than the common Warlock, and open a Portal that constantly summons the Devil and strengthens it. Demon soldier. They enjoy the thrill of domination and command, master a whole army of demons, and use their own power to make them more deadly.



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