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      Insulin replacement therapy will continue to dominate the market in the next 10 years Business Articles | January 16 Luis Alfonso Cruz World Baseball Classic Jersey , 2012
      Juvenile or insulin-dependent diabetes is an autoimmune and metabolic diseases characterized by T cells leading to pancreatic 2-cell damage resveratrol and thereby causing insulin secretion and high blood sugar.

      In 2007, there are 437,500 children with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus in the world. It increases 70,000 children under the age of 14 with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus every year. The annual growth rate is 3%, especially for the younger children.

      Current insulin replacement therapy is to save the life of the first-line treatment of diabetes drugs, the pharmaceutical industry Sebastian Valle World Baseball Classic Jersey , traditionally the focus of attention is the development of more convenient to use, by other means of innovative insulin delivery. It is understood that the world's seven major pharmaceutical markets has been diagnosed and treated about 184 patients with insulin-dependent diabetic people with type 1 diabetes drug market reached 20 billion U.S. dollars.

      Although insulin replacement therapy could save the lives of patients, but not cure the disease, and even lead to low blood sugar, but does not prevent complications. Therefore, the development of drugs to alter the disease process is imminent.

      Currently Xorge Carrillo World Baseball Classic Jersey , the most advanced treatment strategies, through the induction of immune tolerance or regulation of autoimmune and inflammatory response, delaying the process of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

      The new vaccine is under development, including glutamic acid decarboxylase GAD65 and BHT-3021. Non-antigen-specific immunomodulatory agents, such as CD3 monoclonal antibody Otelixizumab and Teplizumab also under development.

      As the mechanism of the reason, these drugs may harm the normal immune system function. In addition Julio Urias World Baseball Classic Jersey , many have been FDA-approved immunomodulatory agents are in clinical trials.

      While the vaccine can delay or prevent further decline in 2-cell function, but once the patient was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes, and its only 10% to 20% of the 2-cell function was normal. Therefore, vaccines based on tolerance pathways for those with type 1 diabetes onset in high-risk patients the most effective. However, this treatment the incidence of those who have already lost most of 2-cell function in patients, results to be worse. Early onset of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus Carlos Torres World Baseball Classic Jersey , diabetes in the transformation to occur before clinical symptoms, non-antigen-specific immunomodulatory agents for patients with the most effective.

      Overall, non-antigen-specific therapy based on the safety or benefit from this treatment of the population is limited, and therefore such immunity for the treatment of diabetes drug market is limited.

      Has found that certain peptides and growth factors such as gastrin, glucagon-like peptide growth factors (GLP1) of 2 cell mass to expand, so that due to the lack of immunosuppressive agents Joakim Soria World Baseball Classic Jersey , animal models of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus blood sugar returned to normal. FDA has approved two drugs dipeptidyl peptidase 4 (DPP4) inhibitors and proton pump inhibitors, can increase non-obese diabetic (NOD) mouse circulatory system in GLP1 and gastrin levels, which for these channels tested in humans provides a theoretical basis.

      Any kind of regenerative therapy may be uncontrolled hindered by its own immune response chia seed, therefore, the safety, tolerability antigen-specific therapies and emerging applications of regenerative therapy combined with drug development will be the next step.

      From the view of current R & D treatment of insulin-dependent diabetes Ivan Salas World Baseball Classic Jersey , in the next 10 years, insulin replacement therapy will continue to dominate the market. In the long terms, the regenerative medicine of tolerance drugs, 2-cell antigen-specific and specific diseases in the early development will provide a very promising platform for development of Disease modifying drugs. Although single drug of these drugs will go to the market earlier, combination therapy is the most effective way for insulin -dependent diabetes. Source:http:www.cospcn Ever wondered why they say that you should visit Delhi during winter? Of course it is too hot otherwise. But when exactly do winters arrive in Delhi? Officially, they say that November to February are the good months to travel to the capital city Fernando Salas World Baseball Classic Jersey , but the weather is still hot in November and December. February is a great month to have your travel dreams accomplished, which may not be possible during summer. Let us see what all you may expect from this vibrant city during this time of the year.
      February sees the best weather
      Since the winter season is about to leave after January, the chills of winter pacify during February in Delhi. If you are not born anywhere in North India, the winters of this region may become unbearable for you. Therefore, it is better to come to



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